Beauty Talk: Dr. Brandt Skin Care

Remember last weeks post where I chatted about how I use to treat my skin like crapola & am now looking for the perfect skin care regimen to become apart of my daily routine?

Well, let me introduce you too Dr. Brandt's Laser Fx Serum's that I was recently sent to try out.  When I first received the Laser Fx Serum's in the mail I had no idea how I was going to apply all three products at the same time, so I did a little research. I found out that you can mix all three products together & still get the same effect - which is super convenient. So that is what I have been doing over the last several days when applying the Laser Fx Serum's both AM + PM.

I don't have much to report on atm, as I just started incorporating them into my daily skin care routine, but so far I am liking the texture of the products, their easy application, as well as the changes you see instantly with each serum. 

I will continue to use the products over the next several weeks (or until I run out) & hopefully they will be something I will want to purchase on my own.

Laser Fx Lift Serum | Laser Fx Bright Serum | Laser Fx Perfect Serum

Laser Fx Lift Serum | This serum targets sagging skin & with each application you will notice instant firming and tightening. Skin texture is improved after week one. After two weeks the skin looks lifted & by the third week of use the elasticity and suppleness are restored. Continued use of the product will produce a visibly more defined face contour.

Laser Fx Bright Serum | This is for those who spent too much time in the sun & has developed dark spots + dullness. Instantly your skin will look more luminous after one application. Over the course of the first three weeks your skin will look brighter, imperfections start to diffuse & dark spots + discoloration fade. With continued use your skin will become visibility more even and radiant

Laser Fx Perfect Serum | With the aging process we will start to develop fine lines + wrinkles & this serum is geared to target these areas. Instantly the skin will appear softer + smoother & after three weeks of use skin will be plumper along with the dimininshed fine lines + wrinkles. Overall, continued use of this serum will transform your skin entirely. 

Now tell me, which serum from the Laser Fx series are you most excited to try?
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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Dr. Brandt but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting that brands the help Let It Be Beautiful shine.