Coffee Talk

Hello Thursday! & Hello to another Coffee Talk. Let's get to it!

FEELING: Even after blogging for almost 3.5 years, I have yet to attend NYFW. I was planning on attending this year, but life happens & I just can't seem to scrap up a wad of money that I don't have for a few days in a place that is REALLY expensive. Faith + I were contemplating making a day + half trip to NY to attend some of the parties, but we opted to save our money & have our own girls weekend here. So ya I am a little bummed, but one year, believe you me, I will attend NYFW in the Fall!

THANKFUL FOR: Coffee (how ironic!). I haven't always been a coffee lover, but I do consider myself a coffee snob. Now let me explain, I would much rather enjoy a cup of coffee brewed by a barista then one I brew myself, my version of an iced-coffee def. doesn't taste as good as a freshly brewed Starbucks cup (maybe its the ice) & even my sugar + creamers aren't doing the trick. But still, I find myself enjoying a cup .. or two of coffee a day to get me through my crazy to-do lists. So I would like to take a minute & thank the person who invented coffee (or God for inventing the coffee bean) because I couldn't survive without it.

EATING: Last night, I had a GNO with Faith + Bri, my two favorite girls in this city. We headed to Toki Underground, which is the smallest 2nd story restaurant I have ever stepped foot inside. I wasn't even sure what the food was, but Faith + Bri just both said it was good + top rated so I took their word for it. We all showed up devoured some dumplings, got messy with Ramen & washed it down with a tasty cocktail. I would say it was a superb #GNO. Looking forward to the next one.

THINKING ABOUT: Last night after we all decided to part ways after dinner, Faith + I didn't exactly part ways. We were walking to the metro & little did I know that Union Station had shopping inside = not good at all. We popped by H&M (hello new dress + fun pencils!) ... & then we popped into Blue Mercury & I was introduced to the most amazing NARS lipstick ...ever. The Audacious Lipstick in Vera. Let me just say, I was super sad when they didn't have that color in stock, so immediately when I got home I purchased it. I just got the "your package has been shipped" email & I smiled.. big! Hurry up & get here already.

WATCHING: 3 words. America Ninja Warrior. Obsessed. (ok that's 4 ha!). I have to say N did a really good job convincing me that this show needed to be recorded on the DVR. I gave in & now it is a regularly watched show in our household. I think my favorite part about the show is that girls have taken on this insane challenge, let alone a girl who is 5 foot & practically (not-even) a 100 pounds. She kicked that courses bootay & I can't wait to see her compete in the finals.

LISTENING TO: I can't believe I am saying this, as I am not a fan of Taylor Swift. PERIOD. But her new song Shake It Off has got to be a pretty catchy song (even if she is singing it). Whenever it comes on, I find myself movin' + groovin'. & I may or may not repeat the song constantly on my Spotify playlist. I know, this is terrible of me, but I am ready to the song to be yesterday's news. Yep, I said it.

READING: September glossy's are the best glossy's & I have been enjoying some down time reading Bazaar, Vogue & InStyle. So much amazing Fall goodness in them!

LOVING: 1.5 years ago I moved to DC to be with N & little did I know that when I moved here, this new house of "ours" was going to be more like his house + me just living in it. I built up there entire idea that this cozy new house was going to be ours & we were going to decorate it "together." Well, don't get me wrong this house is very much mine as as it is N's, but it has taken some time to put a little bit of Ash inside this house. Over the last year, I remember begging N to let me have my own office & he was always a little apprehensive, until last year for my birthday he surprised me by buying me the coveted West Elm Parsons desk & then I just knew it ...I was getting my very own office! Well this little space of mine def. gives the house my added touch & every so often I buy cute plates (that aren't white) + stuff them in the cupboards & poufs (that have color) + put them next to the bed & I even try to take over the bathroom (so far it is working). But honestly, I am so thankful to have a home to live in, with the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.... & having my own office ain't too shabby either.