It's All Roses

If you have never had the chance to smell the coveted Diptyque candle, then stop what you are doing & march yourself to your nearest department store. These are seriously some of the best candles I have ever owned & they sure do look pretty sitting on my desk or in my bathroom holding some of my makeup brushes. 

Diptyque, pronounced "Dip-teak" (if you didn't know, ha!), is a French brand that offers fragrance & beauty products. Diptyque's Roses candle gives off a lovely sweet and subtle rose scent that is full of feminine and floral undertones. It is not overpowering at all. Their candles range between $30 - $75 & I would agree that they are a tad bit pricey, but this luxury brand is exactly that, "luxurious." The average burn time is around 60 hours & the aroma fills the room even when the candle isn't lit. 

Some other Diptyque products that I had the chance to try out are the exfoliating clay, cleansing balm, facial watermoisturizing lotion. The exfoliating clay can be used a scrub or a mask & is super gentle on the skin. After one use, I noticed that it left my face feeling refreshed + extremely smooth. The cleansing balm is perfect for removing makeup and impurities after a long day. It is enriched with oils that help soften and cleanse the skin without making it feel oily. It does a great job removing my eye makeup & making my skin feel clean and refreshed. The facial water is a natural formula filled with floral undertones that help provide daily nourishment for the face. It can be used in the am before putting on your moisturizer. The extremely rich moisturizing lotion is enriched with SPF 15, hyaluronic acid & omega 3, 6, & 9 that help protect the face against the harshness it encounters on a daily basis. I find the moisturizer to be a little thicker then I would like for every day use, but still a great product.

I consider Diptyque a brand that I would love to splurge on, but not something I would consider using on a daily basis. The Diptyque candles will always be one of those brands that I will covet + wish I owned every candle they make. They are definently worth the investment if you wish to add a little luxury to your every day.

Disclosure: Diptyque gifted me products & as always all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help Let It Be Beautiful shine.