Coffee Talk

Hello Thursday! & Hello to another Coffee Talk. Let's get to it!

THANKFUL FOR:  I don't know about you but I thrive off sunshine. Days when the sun doesn't come out means that I am super unproductive, grouchy & just plain unhappy. I am not a person you want to be around, trust you me! One thing I have learned is that I will never be able to live in a place where the sun doesn't shine more then 70% of the year. So with that being said, I am so thankful for sunny days. This morning it was so gloomy out & while I was driving home from barre the sun decided to pop out and say hello & I immediately had a giant smile on myself. So mister sun you listen up, please come out more often because I love it when you do. 

THINKING ABOUT: This time last year, I was spending time with my best friend + my God daughter Hadley. It was probably one of the best weeks of 2014. It was so relaxing to be able to spend quality time with Holly & of course snuggling my sweet Haddie. She is now a year old & I can't stop thinking about how excited I am to be heading to visit them again in a little over a week. Now on the other hand, I am not excited about packing, but thats a totally different convo.

FEELING: Life over the last couple years has been nothing but a giant obstacle for plenty of reasons that we don't need to go into right now, but one thing for sure is that God does have a plan. A plan that is out of my control. A verse that I have memorized, written it down a thousand times & have fallen asleep repeating it over and over again is Jeremiah 29:11-13.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

God is incredible & I am feeling so blessed to know that I have him on my side because without him I don't know who I would be. Word on the street is I may have a potential job opportunity in the works that may start in February. More details at a later date! 

LISTENING TO: Just like any other day at my desk I was rocking spotify this morning for the entire neighborhood to hear and then BAM, Mat Kearney's song One Black Sheep popped up. I started movin' + groovin' not realizing it was him. Man, I forgot how much I love his music. Now I am on a Mat Kearney kick & listening to his songs on repeat. So many memories are tied into music, I just love it. Listen to another favorite of mine!

WATCHING: I blame Faith for getting me started with Pretty Little Liars, because I just can't stop watching it. I didn't realize I was practically 6 seasons behind, ha! But I am quickly catching up. Each person that is introduced in the show I pretty fall in love with. Like Mr. Fitz + Aria, soooo adorable & Kaleb + Hanna ... I just can't. Seriously, I started stalking the entire cast on instagram ... I have problems & I am ok with it.

EATING:  Need to go to the grocery store STAT. That is all.

READING: Spending more time in the Word is part of my New Year, Fresh Start goals. I have been filling in my Simplified Planner daily with DEVOTIONAL in big black square letters on my to do list. Its the first thing on my list for a reason because it is a simple reminder that reading my Bible SHOULD + NEEDS to be the first thing I do daily. I have been sticking with the She Reads Truth, The Bible In A Year plan & I am SO proud of myself. I have already seen a huge change in my attitude & have learned so much that I didn't know. Go me!

LOVING: Last week I was feeling super down. Every time I looked in the mirror or took a picture, I felt blah. I didn't realize what was going on & then it clicked. I was like, "girlfriend you need your hair done." I hadn't had my hair done since September & I tend to put it off because of how much it costs & when money is tight, a hair cut + highlight is the last thing on radar when I am trying to pinch those pennies. I honestly didn't realize how much a fresh new hair cut and highlight can create a new love for yourself. Thanks to my man, I was able to get it done & I felt (& still) feel like a new woman.