Miscellaneous Musings | Vol. 2

Ripped Denim, Calvin Klein, Topshop

This year is flying by! Can you believe that we are almost through the month of October? I know that I don't write in this blog as often as I would like, but when I do I am doing it with the passion that started this blog. I am constantly figuring out who I am and what inspires me changes daily. I love that my passion, inspirations & loves are constantly evolving. 

Currently Inspired By

All things black + white. I can't tell you the last time I wore bold color & I am ok with that. • Living in these ripped jeans & they are major sale, so you should totally snag a pair. • Just started reading this book & am ready to make some necessary changes in our home. • Finally scored a Faux Fur Pouf & now I feel like I am Londoner • I have decided that I can't live without this palette. • The house currently smells like Fall, I have been burning my new candles from Bath & Body Works & love them. • Calvin Klein everything. These lounge pants are so cozy.