Holidays At Home with Thymes

The Holidays are a wonder time of year. A time when we gather together with family and friends to celebrate our most-cherished traditions and create new memories that will last a lifetime. Every year the Holidays tend to sneak up on me a little quicker then the last, and every year I am learning to cherish all the little moments a little more - like the smell of winter lingering through the house, chilly nights curled on the couch cuddling with my other half, Christmas movies & lets not forget the Christmas music. 

I typically start decorating after Thanksgiving, but over the weekend, I decided it was time to start prepping for the upcoming Holiday since we will be heading out of town for Thanksgiving & wanted to come back to a cheerful + decorated home. I started to decorate with boxwood greenery, Frasier Fir candles, and decorations that have been packed away since last Holiday season. To get me in the mood - I put on my favorite movie - The Holiday (duh!), lit a couple Thymes Frasier Fir candles throughout the house & started decorating. A good Christmas movie & the perfect scent can really put you in the mood to decorate & make a gloomy day off feel 110% better. When I think Christmas I really do think Fraiser Fir. I want my house to smell like a Christmas Tree & that is exactly what my house smells like right now (YAY!).

Getting in the Holiday spirit a little early this year before heading home in a couple days is just what I need before spending time with family and loved ones. I am already looking forward to heading to the local Christmas Tree lot & arguing with my brothers (!!!) while picking out the family Christmas Tree. We always end up leaving with the first one we spot, but it is still fun to argue + joke with which one is the prettiest and why we need to take it home. It has always been a family tradition to go & pick out the Christmas Tree together, but since us kids have grown up & we don't all live in the area, we now pick out the tree a couple days after Thanksgiving while we are visiting. It is one of my favorites Traditions that we started.

Now let me back track one second, I thought I had never heard of Thymes but after chatting with my mom she said that she has been a huge fan of their products for years. & now that I have had the chance to try out Thymes for myself, I agree. I love the simplicity of the packaging - white & gold + green (three of my favorite colors for the holidays!) and the fresh aroma is perfect for the Holidays, creating a cozy and comforting environment.

Thymes can be a great addition to your Holiday this season, whether you want to create a wonderful feel for the Holidays or gift it to one of your closet friends or family members. They offer candles, soaps, kitchen cleaning supplies, as well as bath and body supplies. Along with the Frasier Fir Collection there is the Gingerbread Collection that sounds just as delightful with scents of amber, cinnamon, cardamon and amber.  Right now Thymes is offering a Free Sample Set with any $25 purchase or more, just use the CODE TRADITION5 at checkout. 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Thymes but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands the help Let It Be Beautiful Shine.