Pamper Session With Jo Malone

Sunday Pamper Session With Jo Malone, Jo Malone Bath Essentials

As I have gotten older, I have started cherishing my 'me' time. That can be anything from reading a book in bed, going for a walk or even taking a long hot bath. Taking a bath is something I look forward to doing atleast once a week, usually on Sunday evening's. Typically, I start a hot bath, add some of my favorite bath oils or bath bombs, light a candle, enjoy a glass of wine, all while reading a fresh glossy. I find that taking the time to enjoy a hot bath gives me a clear mind & allows me to unwind before the start of a fresh new week. Some of my favorite bath essentials are from Jo Malone. Jo Malone offers some of the best products & they can all be combined to create different scents.

Jo Malone Bath Set, Sunday Night Pamper Session


This bath oil is absolutely incredible. It is a soft floral scent that isn't over powering. It leaves my skin feeling extra soft + smooth. I love rubbing it on after I shave too.


I have been a long time fan of the rose fragrance. it is fresh + clean & not super FLORALly. i think this scent is super classic & perfect for everyone.


One Word = Amazing! This scent is def one of my all time favorites. I actually put this on as soon as I get out of the shower on a daily basis & then spritz on my favorite Jo Malone fragrance to create a new scent. Currently I am loving the mixture of nectarine + honey blossom. This lotion is super rich and a great moisturizer without being oily.

Do you have any favorite night time routines? & Have you had the opportunity to try Jo Malone products? What are your favorites?

Jo Malone Bath Product Review

*All of the Jo Malone products were gifts, except the candle, but all opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands the help Let It Be Beautiful shine.