Coffee Talk

Yellow Tulips, Pretty Coffee Table Books

Hello Thursday! & Hello to another Coffee Talk. Let's get to it!

THANKFUL FOR: This beautiful life. I sure do take it for granted sometimes, but things really are starting to look up & because of that I am truly thankful. I have a supportive boyfriend who loves me & provides for me, a family who supports my endeavors & true friends. I don't think it can get much better then that. Cheers to new beginnings (details coming soon!).

THINKING ABOUT:  Today's weather is a lovely 16 degrees but feels like ZERO! I don't even want to think about it, but its all I can do because it's constant. No matter how bundled up I am or how many pairs of socks I have all I am still FREEZING. Spring time where are you?

FEELING: I think I have too much crap. Seriously, I look around & realize that I need to do another beauty, closet, CRAP purge. You never realize how much stuff you accumulate until you try to clean & you have nowhere to put it. So you can say that I am feeling a bit overwhelmed & need to change that. Any tips on staying organized?

LISTENING TO: Undiscovered, by Laura Welsh. SO GOOD.

WATCHING: I saw the 50 Shades of Grey movie last week & despite what all the media portrays .. I actually liked the movie. Now I do understand that every movie, book, song affects every individual differently, but after reading all three books & seeing the movie I do not feel that the movie is bad (& I use that word lightly). To me, the movie/book is a love story where a man is broken & his true love breaks down his walls. I think its a beautiful story that the media & critics have taken out of context. But again, that is my opinion & it is not my intentions to criticize your thoughts or views on the movie/book. Now if you saw it, what are your thoughts?

EATING: I kind don't want to admit this but I have been in a sugar coma since Valentine's Day (oi!). I made homemade sugar cookies with icing + sprinkles & that have been a huge part of my diet. There was one point when I thought I should just give the rest away so that I don't divulge in eating anymore & then I got really mad at myself because the cookies are that dang good .. & it was first time making them. I am already looking forward to St. Patrick's Day so I can make more .. with green icing :)

READING: As you all have noticed, my blog has kinda taken a turn & it has slowly become more about beauty. I am pretty sure I have found my niche. Beauty - something I will always enjoy getting in the mail, playing around with, reading about & taking photos of. I do plan on still doing fashion, but it needs to warm up just a tad bit more. A few of my current favorite beauty blogs are: Makeup Sessions, The Beauty LookBook, Unstichedd. What are some of your favorite blogs right now?

LOVING: Speaking of freezing weather, I have been eyeing this long puffer jacket for weeks & finally scored the last one in my size, period. I got home yesterday from running errands, took off the tag & immediately threw it on so that I could walk the dog in it. It sure is warm ... & cozy. So happy right now.