Work It Girl

Striped Short Sleeve Dress, Short Blonde Hair

SUNGLASSESPhotos c/o Faith

If you are thinking "what the heck are you doing with no jacket on & snow on the ground you crazy girl" then you are spot on because I am one crazy june bug! Faith & I decided to brave the cold this past weekend & while I was getting my pictures taken I am pretty sure my entire neighborhood thought I was a tad bit off my rocker. But guys, it was totally worth showing you all what I am wearing on my first day of work! When I spotted this striped midi dress on Saturday, I knew I had to have it. I feel so sophisticated & grown up but at the same time I feel like I am a little kid again...You know, since I have planned out my entire outfit, hair style, makeup & of course packed my lunch. & I told Faith that I want to have N take my picture in the morning before I leave for work because this day has go to be documented. Anyways, I am nervous as all get out for my first day. I am sure last night I didn't sleep a wink & that I dreamt about all the horrible things that could possibly happen. BUT positive thinking y'all, nothing bad it going to happen & I am going to keep telling myself to "work it girl" as I walk to work this morning with my headphones on blasting uptown funk. Keep me in your thoughts & be sure to stop by tomorrow to see what my February Beauty Favorites are.

Leopard & Stripes, Black Mules
Leopard Clutch, Striped Dress
Rose Gold Bracelets, Stripes & Leopards
Leopard & Stripes, Bold Red Lip
Black Mules, Leopard Clutch, Striped Dress
Striped Midi Dress, Red & Leopard
Leopard & Stripes, Leopard Clutch, Rose Gold Jewelry
Midi Striped Dress, Work Dress