The Lip Scrub


The Lip Scrub 'Peppermint' | The Lip Slip, Lip Balm | The Lip Slip, Lip Gloss

You know that feeling when you try to put on lipstick or lipgloss and it feels like sandpaper? Well look no further because The Lip Scrub is the best thing since sliced bread (seriously)! This lip scrub is made of essential oils that help eliminate dry, flaky skin and give you baby smooth lips. Little did I know, that this product would be life changing and I have had the Vanilla Bean Lip Scrub sitting in my cabinet for a while now. While at the Beauty Trend Show at Nordstrom Pentagon City I got to meet Sara Happ herself. She showed me first hand out to apply the lip scrub and how essential it is to apply every morning. Applying daily is key to keeping your lips extra smooth and takes literally 30 seconds to see the results. Over the last couple weeks I have been using The Lip Scrub each morning right after I get out of the shower & immediately I get the smooth, natural lip color I have always been so envious of. I still don't know how I ever lived without this in my life. And to top off the smooth lips, there is also the amazing Lip Balm & Lip Gloss also known as The Lip Slip, which I have been wearing daily. They both help accentuate  your natural lip color, which is of course on trend with the minimalistic nude look this Spring. Have you tried any of the Sara Happ products? Which are your favorites? Share in the comments below.