Coffee Talk

Hello Thursday! & Hello to another Coffee Talk. Let's get to it!*

FEELING: For so long all I wanted was to pass my boards, get a big girl job & live the so-called "big girl life." Well if you didn't know, the "big girl life" I envisioned is a lot more challenging then I thought it was going to be. With this change comes more responsibility, less me time and more exhaustion. The house is always a mess, the dishes aren't always done, clothes don't always get put away & you forget what it means to have a true day off. Over the last couple months my life has gone from sitting on the couch watching reruns of my favorite chic flicks, reading my favorite magazines & snuggling with tins. Now my days off are filled with running last minute errands, making sure the laundry is done + dishes are clean & maybe it'll include hanging out with Nick (if our days off coincide) or grabbing coffee with a friend. If I didn't say that I needed a vacation that would be the understatement of the year. I know I just started this new job, but can a girl get a break? 9 hour days ... 5-6 days a week ... you catch my drift?

THINKING ABOUT: Now that we are talking about vacation ... dun dun dun! Nick & I have a vacation planned for the first week in July. Yippee! We are headed to the beautiful island of Hawaii to spend some good time together & with our friends Moe + Travis. I am so overjoyed that we finally decided on a place and that we have just generous friends that are willing to host us. We still have travel arrangements to make, but the hardest part is done ... deciding where to go. I have never been to Hawaii, so I have already started doing research to find the best things to do, places to see and food to eat. Please share any tips or places to go & eat while we are there! 

LISTENING TO: Currently, the windows are open, I am drinking a cup of hot coffee on the couch, Tins is snuggled up with me & N is watching ESPN (when is he not!). It really is nice to have moments where time isn't fleeting. Even though ESPN gets on my nerves, it makes N happy. & puppy snuggles will never get old. & even though my coffee needs better creamer, there is delight in the small things. Today is going to be a good day!

WATCHING: So listen to this ... we have pet birds! Yep, 4 baby robins are about to hatch in our wreath on the front door. Now, this wreath is a Fall wreath with all of its Fall colors. A couple weeks ago, I was going to trash the wreath and pick up a new one to decorate the front door. Thank goodness I didn't ditch the wreath because Nick spotted a nest with a little wreath on the top. We took a picture and there are 4 gorgeous bright blue eggs waiting to hatch. The mom & dad are being all maternal/paternal and protecting their little inklings day in and day out. We have had to use the garage door to get in and out as much as possible too not disturb them. Every day I am eager to get back home to see if our little birdies have hatched ... so I can name them of course :) Any ideas? 

EATING: Every so often I get on a salad kick and currently on my late days before work I have enough time to pick up a salad from Sweet Green. My favorite concoction is chopped romaine, quinoa, cilantro, cucumbers, chickpeas, almonds, avocado and falafel with a squeeze of lime and extra cilantro jalepeno dressing. So yum!

READING: I barely have time to think but when I do have time to take a breather I am reading my favorite magazines. Currently, I am loving all the British magazines. They are tad bit pricey so I am thinking about subscribing since it will save me a good chunk of change. I would love to start reading a good book ... any ideas?

THANKFUL FOR: The weather around these parts as been utterly amazing. The days are a little warmer and the nights are breezy. There has been a little rain in the mix, but over all I can't complain. I have been able to throw on a light jacket & not sweat my toosh off before I even start my day. Bring on May flowers!

LOVING: I was once that girl that kinda, well this is embarrassing ha! ... made of the gals that wear sneakers with their dresses/skirts to work. Now that I walk to work every day I truly understand the need for comfy shoes, so I no longer judge them. I have started investing in cute sneakers like these + these to get me too & from work. They are super snazzy & they make me feel put together even when I am wearing a skirt or dress. 

Now tell me, how has your week been! Share the details! xo
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