Coffee Talk

Hello Thursday! & Hello to another Coffee Talk. Let's get to it!*

FEELING: Like a new woman. Nadine Matar at PR at Partners cut & colored my hair today & she did it perfectly. She took the time to get to know me & find to what exactly I was wanting. She also showed me how to style my hair. It was the perfect day off!

THINKING ABOUT: It is official ... we are heading to Hawaii over 4th of July! EEEEEEEK. I am pretty sure that I won't be able to sleep a wink until there, well I guess I am exaggerating a weeee bit, but I am super duper excited. Now to just figure out what we will be doing while we are there & of course buy new bathing suits, towels,  & beach cover ups. YAY!

LISTENING TO: So remember last week when I mentioned that we had baby robins nesting on our front porch? Well, they hatched & we named them ... Birdie, Chirp, Tweet & Peep. So creative I know! & To be honest I used the synonym section on & it made it super easy :). Any who, over the last week we have taken tons of pictures & videos of our 4 feathered friends to make sure this experience has been documented to the fullest. I will say I never believed my teachers growing up when they said that these little creatures grow to be full size in a matter of 1-2 weeks. It truly is such a cool thing to see. So back to my story, yesterday when I got home from work I decided to grab my front porch chair & video tape them nesting & cleaning themselves .. and 12 seconds in TWO birds decided to grow up ... & attack me & fly away from the nest. Let's just say that I was afraid..very afraid. Not of the baby birdies, but the mom & dad. They went on a crazy chirping spree & were flying around like they owned our front porch. I didn't come out for a while. & then I sent the video to N & he has been laughing at my silly self ever since. He will never let me live it down.

WATCHING: I need to catch up on my shows. I am a serious slacker. I am surprised that I haven't learned every spoiler for all 834982734982 shows that I watch. So don't tell me anything about Revenge, Scandal, Greys Anatomy .. & the list goes on. Tonight might be the night. Or I might just sit on the terrace & drink beer since the weather is absolutely gorgeous today.

EATING: I am starvin' marvin'. After I got my hair done I realized that it was 3:30 & I had yet to have anything but coffee + my weakness .. BBQ potato chips. So I stopped into CVS ... for more junk food (worst idea ever!). I got these new bite size butter fingers ... they will be my new addiction, just watch. But I constrained myself & stopped eating before I got sick because N is on his way home to cook some steaks on the grill. YUMMO!

READING: I wish I had more time to read. I always say that I am going to ready more, but I really do need to learn to put my computer/iphone/ipad down at night & pick up a good book. I will probably thank myself later. Any good book ideas?

THANKFUL FOR: Beautiful weather on my days off. So many times I end up having crappy weather on my days off & it can really put a damper on my mood. Today's weather is absolutely gorgeous .. sunny & 75 + hopefully this weekend's thunderstorms will pass because I will be celebrating one of my best friends 25th birthday. 

LOVING: This little romper is so adorable & I can not wait to wear it. I foresee it being worn on repeat this summer. Hint: it is on sale for $29 + an extra 15% off everything. You better hurry before they are gone!

Now tell me, how has your week been! Share the details! xo