Life Lately: Somewhere Sunny & 75


Happy Monday! I know I have been in & out over the last several months, my sincerest apologies. I do miss you guys & I find myself missing this creative outlet of mine on a daily basis but the hardest part is finding the time to do "blogging things" without interfering with my sanity (but that's a whole different blog post!). On a different note, this past weekend I spent working (duh!), cleaning the house, prepping for our trip to Hawaii next week (woo!) &  spending time with good friends. It was a nice relaxing weekend to say the least. I am counting down the days until we leave next Monday morning ... did I say 7 days! ha ... & am looking forward to taking a step out of the daily routine we live in & enjoying paradise with good friends + my better half. Above are a few of the goodies I will be taking with me on my trip - like that adorable striped swim suit & those super fun towels that I can't wait to use (& they are super sale!). Anyways, hopefully I will be back tomorrow! Enjoy your Monday! xo