Miscellaneous Musings | Vol. 1

Sometimes, actually most times, I feel like I can't find the right words for this little ol' blog of mine. I think that is something I struggle with on more days then not. I want my thoughts, words, blog .... life to be perfect (like coming up with the blog post title, ugh!). & the honest fact is it isn't perfect & it never will be. I think back to the main reason I started this blog & it was to keep track of my journey throughout PA school. It turned into something more quickly & I ran with it .. & I loved it! It was everything to me. Over the last 4 years, I go round + round with what I want my blog to be or find myself wishing it was more than what it has become. I strive to be the very best & it is scary when you have put so much time + effort into something & watch it fail .. according to your own standards.

I consider September to be a fresh start. Newness has always started in September. I want to get back to the main reason why I started this blog ... to keep track of my journey. I have made it through PA school, passed my boards & am now doing my dream job. Things have changed. I have changed. This life is worth documenting, so that's what I want to do. I am going to document the happiness, the sadness, the inspiration that inspires me daily, the beauty & the fashion. So stick around. xo

Currently Inspired By

Jacey Dupree, writer behind Damsel In Dior is gorgeous ... inside + out. I started watching her a snap chats a while back + have been obsessed since. I admire her honesty. Her sarcasm. Her style is impeccable. Her class is what I long for. & I wish I could travel the world like her. Until then I will live vicariously through her snapchats! • Tumblr is a big giant black hole of inspiration ... it made me purchase a pair of Adidas Superstars over the weekend. #tumblrmademedoit • Green plants are taking over my office desk ... the kitchen ... the house. The more I buy the more I want. Monstera leaves are cheap + they don't die overnight if you don't water them (probably because they don't have to be watered. win/win!) • Wanna feel amazing in a pair of jeans, then you need these because they make you feel skinny. Don't believe me, try a pair on for yourself. • Living these words. Let Go.