Coffee Talk: September Goals

Can you believe that we are already a week into September? Mind blown I tell ya! With that being said, there is no need to waste anymore time. Every September, I tend to get a gusto of inspiration to get my life in check & make the remainder of the year one that is memorable & full of self-perseverance. To me September means fresh, clear, & crisp & that is exactly what I want my life to entail for the remainder of the year. Here are a few of my goals set for September.

Less Is More: As I have gotten older, I have realized that my parents were right ... Less Is More. I now know first hand that I don't need to buy every piece of clothing that is on sale ... just because it is on sale. And I don't need to have the latest & greatest, but that I should invest in timeless pieces that will spend the next 10 years by my side. I tend to get flustered every time I go to look for something & I just get mind blown by how much CRAP I actually have. When that happens, I get the urge to sift through everything ... even if it is 11 o'clock at night & throw things out. It's good for the soul, trust me!

Healthy Habits: I go through these periods of "I feel fat."... "Ok, go to the gym then & don't eat that pizza or drink that coke or how bout don't drink the iced caramel latte every other day!" Ok, & then Monday happens & I do all of the above! Thinking it is a lot harder then actually doing it, but my goal is to do it. I bought some cookbooks over the weekend & have already bookmarked plenty of recipes that are on my radar to make over the next few weeks. I have been planning out my grocery list & filling in my planner with to-dos in order to stay healthy. No more excuses. 

Cleanliness: Our house gets dirty so fast after the cleaners come. Mainly because Tins sheds constantly & her blonde hairs light up our dark cappuccino floors like Christmas morning. But also, we have a tendency to leave things where they don't belong - mail sits on the counter for weeks, shoes hang out at the front door + aren't put away, clothes get washed/dried & laid on the guest bed without getting hung up for weeks, dishes get left in the sink over night & well ... the list could go on but I'M OVER IT! N + I are going to start implementing clean living habits that we can both adapt too together.

Better Spending Habits: Since I was a little girl, my Daddy has always taught me that money doesn't grow on trees & that saving is the most important thing he could ever teach me, besides loving myself unconditionally of course. I never truly practiced this but knew deep down inside that he was right. Now that I have a good well paying job it is important to me that I start investing in my future & that means less frivolous spending. No more buying just to buy because there is a great sale, no more just because shopping trips to Target, no more thinking I have to have it because the next girl has it. Seriously, I want to start saving better, which will in turn allow me to buy those timeless pieces that I was talking about - like a Celine handbag or Frye leather boots. It has got to happen starting now!

Master The Garden: My mom is a master at gardening. She always manages to keep things alive & well. As for me, I forget to water my pretty green plants/flowers & BAM! .. their all dried up & shriveled over. I try to bring them back to life but since I killed them pretty darn good, they don't come back for me. Not any longer! One of my goals is to keep my plants alive, as well as plant some new Fall flowers in the front flower bed. I picked up some gorgeous Fall mums over the weekend & will be potting them in the next couple of days.

Now, what are your goals for the season? Any tips you want to share?