Classic Transition

High Waist Skinny Ankle Jeans, Adidas Superstar, Classic Outfit

Life around here as we know it is good. I have been attempting to go to bed early, which is helping my mood tremendously in the morning when I have to wake up early. I have been keeping the house de-cluttered as much as possible, but that part my friends is a little bit more challenging then expected. & cooking, oi! Still need to work on that a bit. But so far so good. On the right track! In other news ....

Dressing for Fall weather is a piece of cake. You just add layers, on layers, on layers & when it's all said and done you are comfy + cozy. Now the transition from Summer to Fall is a tad bit more complicated, in my opinion that is. You wanna dress for the season but your heart is screaming it wants to wear Fall colors and comfy knits. I have been trying my hardest to still dress like its summer but every morning I run into dilemmas where it's too warm out to wear what I had in mind. This outfit I wore a couple weeks ago was the comfiest and perfect for a cool rainy day.

These jeans, you NEED them. They are incredible & under $60. This black top, it's a classic in my closet & it has been washed + reworn numerous times. & the kicks ... Faith & I spent a day in the city doing what we do best .. enabling each other. ha! We both walked out of Adidas with a pair Superstars & there is no looking back. They take me way back to when I was a kid & I love it. (sidenote: they run super super big. i wear an 8 in most shoes, got a 5.5!)

Now tell me, how was your weekend? Anything new you picked up for Fall - fashion or beauty related?

Easy Outfit For Fall, Colored Denim
Easy Weekend Outfit for Fall, Black and Burgundy
Easy Weekend Outfit for Fall, Plum Colored Denim, Adidas SuperStar