A Signature Scent For Him

I don't know about you, but it can a bit challenging to shop for my man. He has everything and needs nothing. But then again, I guess that's how it can be for practically everyone on my Christmas list this year. ha! When it comes to gift gifting, every year N ends up getting a new fragrance ... it is either one I have fallen in love with or something he has mentioned he liked throughout the year. One of reasons I love getting him a new scent every year, is it adds to the fun of guessing what fragrance he is wearing in the morning before he heads out to work. It is our little thing :)

Last week, we headed into Nordstrom so that he could pick out which of the three Alford and Hoff scents he liked the most. It came down to No. 2 & the Signature Fragrance. He wore each scent on his wrist, as we walked around the mall - we ended up leaving with No. 2, but he also loved the Signature Fragrance (it grew on him by the time we got home). 

No. 2 is a refreshing masculine composition filled with unusual fruits and citrus tonalities that sit within a woody base. Not too heavy and easy to wear on the every day. The Signature Fragrance is a little heavier and masculine, but as your wear it is lightens up a bit. You can smell the molten amber, leather and soft sueded. Def. a manly scent and great for these cold winter months.

If this fragrance is up your mans alley, then it is the perfect time to grab one online. I invite you to head over to Alford and Hoff to learn more. For a limited time, you’ll receive a special gift {valued at $29} with your purchase. The special gift will add a touch of style to anyone’s traveling repertoire.

This post is sponsored by Alford & Hoff but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.