THE REVIEW | Paula's Choice Skincare Regimen

This post is sponsored by Pretty In My Pocket on behalf of Paula's Choice. All Opinions are my own.

Naturally, my skin is a little on the red side, but when you have unexpected weather on a regular basis - like 40 degrees and rainy one day, followed by 85 and sunny another day it just makes things worse. It is challenging to find skincare products that I love, or honestly a product that I would purchase again and again. 

When Paula's Choice offered to send me their Redness Relief Skincare Line, I was on board. Their products are super affordable, but feel like high-end quality which makes them even more appealing to me. Paula's Choice offers a wide range of products that can help pretty much any skincare concern you might have, which is a huge plus when trying to find a skincare brand that works at all.

My skin is typically a mixture of oiliness and dryness, but lately there is a whole bunch of redness and dry patches that sneak up on me. I have been working out a lot more (like 6 days a week) & my diet has completely changed, so maybe that has something to do with it. They sent me the entire Redness Relief Skincare Line and I used each every product, but there are a few that stood above the rest & that I would consider purchasing again: Redness Relief Cleanser, Redness Relief Toner and Redness Relief Moisturizer.

The Redness Relief Cleanser is incredible. It has a subtle clean smell & my skin feels extra clean after using it. It lathers nicely & I feel like I am getting a good cleanse when using it. This doesn't tend to dry my face out, which is super important since my skin is really dry right now. 

After the cleanser I follow with the Redness Relief Toner which is incredibly gently on my skin. It helps equalize the redness on my face helping it appear less intense. I then end it with the Redness Relief Moisturizer, which there is one with and without sunscreen. I have been using both, of course the one with sunscreen I use in the morning before applying my makeup. It is important to protect my skin from sun damage, so I love that it has SPF in it.

Paula's Choice is a wonderful Skincare brand that I feel can fit in everyone's daily routine. If interested in trying out any of the Paula's Choice products, please use THIS LINK to receive 20% off your oder + free shipping until June 31, 2016.

Have you ever tried any products from Paula’s Choice? What are your favorites?