Falling For Garnacha Wines

I am a wine girl all the way & look forward to a delicious bottle of wine that I can share with my boyfriend, family or close friends. When these Garnacha wines arrived on my doorstep, I could be nothing but excited to think of ways to enjoy them. I wish I had the time to have some of my close girlfriends over for a fun evening of wine tasting + catching up, but that just didn't happen with the hustle + bustle of life. Instead, I am going to share a little bit about Garnacha with you all, as well as my opinion on the wines I had the chance to try.

To give you a little back ground about Garnacha: Garnacha originated in eastern Spain during the 12-17th centuries and has recently developed a wide variety of wines over the last 20 years that are mixed with modern + old traditions. Garnacha is actually a grape and its wines offer everything from easy drinking to bold and classic tastes that can be enjoyed by anyone. These easy priced wines can be shared at a family gathering, a girls night in and even during the week when you want to unwind after a long day.


I am red wine girl & don't really dapper with white wine or rose (which is ironic, bc when N + I started dating all I drank was sweet, cheap wine typically out of boxes!). The Las Moradas is a full-bodied red wine with a hint of berry that was very rich and tasty. I could (should have) finished the entire bottle off in a siting, but I was a good girl.

The Tipicitat was another red wine, but on the lighter more fruity side. This would pair perfectly with a chicken entree or on a warm summer night.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Wines of Garnacha, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. The following content is for readers 21+.