How To: Never Lose Your Things

Guilty: misplacing everything.

Guilty: finding it just where I left it. 

I am so guilty of misplacing things -- keys, camera or a beauty product -- you name it & I have probably misplaced. It is not a regular occurrence, but it does happen & it can be super frustrating. One of the most common things I misplace is my small travel camera that I typically throw in my purse to take out and about or will casually move it around the house to take pictures.  I don't use it all the time, which is why it can get misplaced so easily. It can be so aggravating to search for hours for this camera, especially when I need it right then and don't have time to look for it. So when I was introduced to the Tile, I figured out a smart way to never lose something important again. wohoo!


So let me first introduce you to the Tile -- it is the world's best-selling Bluetooth tracker, which you can attach to ANYTHING you don't want to lose. There is a handy The Tile App that you can download for your smart phone in order to track where you last left your item. It is a phone-finding app  


So how does it work? So say you misplaced that item you recently stuck a Tile too & you are within the 100-foot Bluetooth range of your phone (200 feet for certain models), you just click “Find” in the app & the Tile will then play a loud enough sound so you can easily find it. You can also you the Tile website to help track & you can share with friends. There are also several melodies to choose from within the app itself if you want. If the item is not within range and you’re not sure where you could have left it just leave the Tile app running in the background and it will remember the last place and time you had your item. Pretty much the niftiest thing EVER & I am pretty sure I need to purchase a multi-pack for myself + friends

Tile Mates start at $25 for 1 or $70 for a combo pack of 4, or $130 for 8.


While I love having the Tile on our tv remote, you may want to use it on other things. Things like…

  • cell phones
  • keys
  • wallets
  • tablets
  • backpacks/bags/purses
  • luggage
  • toys
  • cameras
  • lunch boxes
  • glasses case

So what are you waiting for? Join the Tile community because “together we find”!