How To Survive The Holidays

It is that time of year ... the Holiday Season! Whether you are prepping your turkey, wrapping gifts, traveling or entertaining you probably need these tips to get through the Holidays with all of your sanity intact.

1. Plan Ahead

Don't be that person that starts prepping for everything last minute, that doesn't do any one any good. If you need to make list after list then do it -- whether thats a shopping list, gift list, grocery list or a list of things you need to get done around the house. Make those lists, you won't regret it! Along with those lists, make sure you have the right food necessities at home, grab all the goodies you need for gift wrapping early & make sure you have gifts stashed around the house like wine. This year I decided to stock up on some of my favorite wines & Wente wines is one of them. Delicious and affordable. If you like a good sale, right now, you can get 25% off of single vineyard or estate grown wines online though an exclusive offer by entering 25TOAST at checkout!

2. Relax & Don't Stress The Small Things

Hey you, yeah you! Don't stress, just relax. Things are not always going to go according to plan. All those lists I told you about -- maybe you should throw them out ;) Just kidding! But if your entire list doesn't get done, it is ok! Also, Wine. Drink all the wine. That will help you relax.

3. Enjoy The Things That Are Important To You

What I love most about the Holidays is family time. I love watching Christmas movies, baking holiday desserts, decorating the house with all of the holiday decor & shopping for all of my friends and family. Making sure you take a step back when things get overwhelming & enjoying the little things is really important. Enjoy that glass of Wente wine with your family, while watching your favorite Christmas movie & decorating the Christmas tree. You will appreciate it.