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I have been wearing them for as long as I can remember ..


I have been wearing Uggs for as long as I can remember. Years ago, when I attempted to buy my first pair, I was in New York City right after the New Year in 2008 with my Best Holly -- I wanted a pair so bad. We hunted and hunted for them, and no bueno, couldn't find them anywhere! Finally, I was able to purchase my first pair many months later & I still have them. I have a few pairs to be honest, but my first pair are truly my favorite. After having them for almost 10 years, they are starting to fall apart. The fur is all tattered from wearing them in the rain and the snow & the soles have seen better days. With Fall weather quickly approaching, I am in need to get these things fixed or I need to buy myself a new pair (so my feet don't get wet when I go outside!) Luckily, there is an online shop that will reburish my Uggs for me. They conveniently pick up the package from my house & it is relatively affordable. They also offer cleaning, waterproofing and repairs which would help protect your Uggs from the get-go.

ML Furs is a renowned Fur Company based out of Denver Colorado. Their fur preserving/cleaning/storing services + products are top notch & if you are in the market to repair some of your things, you should def. check them out.

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