Tips for Pampering Yourself While Pregnant

Striped Pajamas, Striped Maternity Pajamas

Hey there friends! It’s been a long time, am I right? If you have been following me on Instagram then you know we got married in September and are expecting our sweet babe in February. I have been meaning to start sharing bump dates, but life has kinda gotten in the way. Maybe I will back track and share all about trimester 1&2, but we shall see.

Striped Pajamas, Cozy Maternity Pajamas

One of my biggest struggles during pregnancy thus far as been finding time to just slow down, relax and do something for me. I am a Type A person who is always on the go and slowing down is not a perfect art form of mine, however I have been doing a much better job about it.

A typical schedule for me consists of working 7 days straight at my full time job, which is at a hospital, followed by 7 days off. I do pick up shifts at my part time job time to time (you know to keep myself busy) & some of my days off consist of running errands and spending time with my husband, Nick. Before I know it, the week/weekend is over and I am back to working another straight week … while pregnant … with swollen feet and all! ha!

Here are some tips that I have started implementing throughout the week to pamper myself, like I deserve!

Maternity Robe, Striped Maternity Robe


1. Go to bed early & sleep In. Ok, so this is an area I lack majorly. I am a night out and since I am use to waking up at 5:30/6 AM, my internal alarm clock goes off about the same time every day, even on my days off. However, I have been making appointment to get to bed a little bit early — read a good book, listen to a meditation app or listen to some music. It really makes a difference in how refreshed I feel in the morning.

2. Buy Some Cozy Pajamas. Pajamas are my spirit animal! Pajamas just make everything better. Cozy striped pajamas are perfect for bed but who doesn’t just love lounging in them? I mean, I do! I own so many pairs and am always searching for a new pair to add to my collection. These striped maternity pajamas from Shop PinkBlush are heaven. They are the softest pajamas and I love how they fit perfectly over my belly. I can easily wear them after pregnancy as well. So you can say these will find a permanent place in my pajama collection.

3. Take a Bath. During my second trimester, I suffered sacroiliac pain and some sciatica which made it difficult to be as active as I wanted to be. Standing on my feet for 10+ hours a day also didn’t help. I started taking baths several times a week just to unwind, light a candle, listen to some soothing music and just have some much needed me time … off my feet! I lather myself in a good lotion and throw on my new favorite striped maternity robe. It is super cozy + they have tons of maternity robe options for every pregnant (or non-pregnant mama!)

Maternity Robe, Comfy Robe for Delivery

4. Diffuse Essential Oils. I have loved using essential oils for awhile now and really love how come in handy when I am having a rough day, I have a headache that won’t go away or just want to unwind and get a good nights sleep. I love this diffuser and one of my favorite oil combinations are: lavender + cedar wood that I get from Young Living.

5. Drink something warm. Once I found out I was pregnant I cut out caffeine/coffee pretty much entirely. I have it from time to time, but I honestly feel like I don’t need it. However, I do love a good cup of decaf coffee or warm ginger tea (which is my go-to right now!).

6. Pregnancy Pillow. I initially thought pregnancy pillows were the silliest thing ever… until I bought one. LIFE. CHANGING. The pillow I bought literally snuggles my entire body, supports my back and provides me with the best nights rest. I may be sleeping with this pillow well after pregnancy.

7. Get a mani/pedi/massage. This is probably self-explanatory but you really should take some time to get pampered by someone else. I live for foot massages especially, so pedicures have been my go-to.

8. Just say NO. Thats right… just say No! You don’t always have to agree to do anything and everything that is asked of you. It is ok to say … I appreciate the invite but I am going to take it easy tonight. Or I had a long week and I really just need to x..y..z. Trust me, people will understand! So try it!

Striped Maternity Pajamas, Pink Blush Maternity


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