Prepping for The Holidays with Bona

This post is sponsored by Bona but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

The Holidays are upon us, which means family gatherings, decorating and baking in the kitchen! Some of my favorite things, however I am not a fan of prepping the house and getting it cleaned, especially since our dogs shed + carry water from their water bowel all over our hardwood floors as soon as I clean it. It makes it impossible to keep it spotless without going crazy (or I feel like I am going crazy! ha!)

Prepping the house for guests, most certainly means I need to deep clean every inch of our hardwood floors and what better way to do that than with the Bona PowerPlus! The Bona PowerPlus arrived right before Thanksgiving and was immediately put to good use. I worked the entire week of Thanksgiving, so when I realized how quick and easy it was to use the Bona PowerPlus Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaner and Bona PowerPlus Microfiber Deep Clean Pad I was elated.

The Bona PowerPlus Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaner has an oxygenated formula that loosens and removes heavy dirt build-up, providing a deep clean for your hardwood floors without the extra effort. It is as simple as spraying the deep cleaner on your hardwood floors and using the Bona PowerPlus MIcroFiber Deep Clean pad to break up the dirt and clean everything up.

An extra plus, which helps cut down the cost of having to spend more money on cleaning pads is that the Bona PowerPlus MicroFiber Pads are machine washable, which means they can be used over and over again. Tackling our hardwood floors can be daunting, especially with our two pups and the mess they make and now that a little one is on the way, Bona will be extremely helpful in keeping the house clean. Cause to me, dirty floors makes the ENTIRE house look dirty! Below are some Holiday Cleaning tips that I wanted to share to help you get through the holidays with some sanity:


  1. Schedule your cleaning, so you can relax later. Cleaning can be daunting but if you schedule your cleaning throughout the house you won’t be running around last minute trying to clean EVERYTHING.

  2. Involve the family. Make sure you aren’t the only one cleaning. Involve your significant other, husband, family or children. Give everyone a designated task and what your home begin to sparkle.

  3. Prioritize the spaces that guests will be around the most. Not every space in the house needs to be spotless before guests come over. If you are running out of time, clean the spaces that guests will be spending the most time in. You can always clean the other spaces after they leave :)

  4. Clean Clockwise. If you start cleaning a space and moving stuff around, there is a good chance you may just make that room dirtier or more cluttered then it was before you started. Clean the room by going clockwise before going to the next room.

  5. Clean the floors last. The last thing in the house to wind up dirty are the floors. So start cleaning top to bottom and then grab your Bona PowerPlus Floor Mop and Bona PowerPlus floor cleaner and your floors will be the shiniest thing in the house when your guest start arriving.

  6. Remember the real reason! Even when everything isn’t coming together as quickly or a nicely as you had envisioned, just keep in mind that family is ultimately the most important thing during the holidays. Whether you realize or not, the clutter will the least of your friends and families worries when you are sitting around laughing, playing games and enjoying each others company during the holidays.