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Sometimes, actually most times, I feel like I can't find the right words for this little ol' blog of mine. I think that is something I struggle with on more days then not. I want my thoughts, words, blog .... life to be perfect (like coming up with the blog post title, ugh!). & the honest fact is it isn't perfect & it never will be. I think back to the main reason I started this blog & it was to keep track of my journey throughout PA school. It turned into something more quickly & I ran with it .. & I loved it! It was everything to me. Over the last 4 years, I go round + round with what I want my blog to be or find myself wishing it was more than what it has become. I strive to be the very best & it is scary when you have put so much time + effort into something & watch it fail .. according to your own standards.

I consider September to be a fresh start. Newness has always started in September. I want to get back to the main reason why I started this blog ... to keep track of my journey. I have made it through PA school, passed my boards & am now doing my dream job. Things have changed. I have changed. This life is worth documenting, so that's what I want to do. I am going to document the happiness, the sadness, the inspiration that inspires me daily, the beauty & the fashion. So stick around. xo

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Jacey Dupree, writer behind Damsel In Dior is gorgeous ... inside + out. I started watching her a snap chats a while back + have been obsessed since. I admire her honesty. Her sarcasm. Her style is impeccable. Her class is what I long for. & I wish I could travel the world like her. Until then I will live vicariously through her snapchats! • Tumblr is a big giant black hole of inspiration ... it made me purchase a pair of Adidas Superstars over the weekend. #tumblrmademedoit • Green plants are taking over my office desk ... the kitchen ... the house. The more I buy the more I want. Monstera leaves are cheap + they don't die overnight if you don't water them (probably because they don't have to be watered. win/win!) • Wanna feel amazing in a pair of jeans, then you need these because they make you feel skinny. Don't believe me, try a pair on for yourself. • Living these words. Let Go.


Spring Florals

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My obsession with florals is back (again!). With Spring weather in full force, I am always looking for the perfect blooms to fill the house. Peonies haven't made it to the DC area yet, but as soon as they are you can bet your bottom dollar that I will have them constantly throughout peony season. 

What is your favorite Spring flower?

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Happy Monday! My weekend sure flew by & it was full of lifetime movie network, magazines, home-cooked meals, rainy day afternoon naps, & pumpkin spice lattes -- oh & missing my other half. It was really nice to be able to not think for a weekend, but so sad that 4 weeks of madness starts again tomorrow morning.


But that is what I signed up for when I decided to go to PA school.

My favorite fall month by far is October. It really seems to make-way into all the reasons why I love fall. I can't get enough of all the pumpkins, the smells, the tastes, the sounds, the colors, & of course the chilly weather. I love to drive down the road on a rainy afternoon with the windows down + take in all the smells. & One of my favorite pastimes as a child was traveling to West Virginia with my family & spending the weekend in the mountains looking at all the leaves & their beautiful colors. & I will always be a little kid at heart -- I love going to the pumpkin patch & picking out my favorite pumpkin(s). Usually I pick out ones that I can barely carry or ones that can fit into the palm of my hand. ha I can not wait to go this year -- hopefully next weekend N + I will get to go. 

October really seems to capture all the wonders of fall.

What is your favorite fall month?

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