Productivity at its Best

saturday is already here -- WAHHH! i can't believe it. it felt like my week off from school just started & it's already going to be over tomorrow :: where does the time go? well, i woke up this morning hoping that i would have a productive day & i kinda did, i think :]

nick woke up & left for work around 10 -- i played with rufus, fed him breakfast, ran a few errands [managed to get krispy kreme donuts -- my fav :], worked out, & went for a walk w. rufus. i love taking him on walks, especially when he decides to actually walk & not drag me the whole way. ha so todays walk was extra special bc its my last one w. him since i leave tomorrow to head back to norfolk. but back to my krispy kreme donuts -- i waited to eat them after i worked out ;]

{so yummo -- can't wait to eat more for breakfast tomorrow}

so my productivity {kinda} slowed after i ate those -- i wanted to go to the pool + study, but i haven't made it there just yet. im actually sitting on the couch with my pup watching CMT Top 20 Countdown! by the way, i love watching music videos, especially country music videos -- not totally sure why i {love} them, but they are just so fun to watch & really different from rap/alternative music videos! -- Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland is one of my absolute favs & i {love} how it makes me smile each time i listen/watch it :]

well see my productivity is slowly diminishing -- so i think this is it for the moment. i hope everyone is having a fabulous saturrrday. i am going to get to studying & learn about ear, nose, & throat problems [so funnnn - i know, ha] -- but super stoked for double date tonight w. my girlfriend Mallory & her fiance Jeremy, its been wayyy too long! :]

happy saturday.

xo, ash.