lazy saturday.

i've already decided that i am absolutely terrible at this whole blogging thing. it's kinda funny because i think about what i might write about during certain times of the day -- but i get preoccupied and super lazy && then i never write. ha oh well, i will start working on it. but as for me today, i am having yet another lazy saturday. jobless. bored. out of my mind. i should probably be studying for me GRE that i signed up to take next saturday. yeah it's going to be here before i know it, but i have to send in my PA CASPA application for GW, Towson, and Anne Arrundel. the GRE is $160 dollars -- therefore i hope i am not wasting my money and i get a decent grade. ha

i have still been applying to so many jobs. i mean TONS. still no luck. maybe next week will look up for me! i hope i get a job soon, cause i really don't want to have to get a serving job. not really my thing anymore. i like spending the time i do have with nicholas, therefore working night shifts at a restaurant is not what i am looking for. i have spoken with a few recruiters, and will hopefully hear something on monday or tuesday. ill keep ya'll posted.

it's saturday and i know its a weekend and all, but i have done absolutely nothing. i watched the movie Chloe, kinda weird movie. not exactly what i was expecting. so i'll prob. never watch it again. ha. i am now on episode 7 of season 4 of weeds. most addicting show EVER!!! i really thought i was going to hate this tv series, but it's not that bad. probably cause it is so out there that it's entertaining. lol i might just get through season 4 by the time nick gets home tonight :)

even though i might sound like i am having a blast watching tv, really i wish i was hanging out with someone or out doing something. hanging out by yourself gets old after awhile. ha it stinks that nick works weekends, but that's the breaks. again, that's also the tough thing about finding a job -- it's cause once i get a monday through friday job i won't be spending full days with him any longer unless we plan a weekend or days off during the week to do something -- which i'm sure will be frustrating. but it'll have to do! just one of obstacles we have to get through.

but i wouldn't mind going outside but it's too hot to go to the pool && i am too lazy to go to the gym. back to studying fro my GRE && weeds :) talk to ya'll kids soon.