what to say..what to say... i decided to follow after my dear friend Trista and get a blog. now using it is another story! there always seems like there is not enough time during the day to even get the things done that i need to get done to even think about writing in a blog. but i am sincerely going to try and use this && hopefully this will allow me to reflect on my life daily!

so right now i am jobless -- and I think that it is the most frustrating thing EVER. i can't seem to find a job and a decent one at that. i have probably applied to a 1,000 jobs and i have probably heard back from like 10. 90% of them were the worst jobs on the planet. ha but i still went to the interviews and put forth my best effort. but on the other hand i had an interview with a head hunter at hirestrategy and i really really hope that something looks up for me. i guess patience is a virtue and i need to practice being more patient cause things aren't going to be on my timing.

on anther note where i need to be patient is getting in to PA school. i feel like it is never going to happen for me. and it is def. taking forever! i am still frantically studying for me GRE, but i can't seem to learn the vocabulary. ha too many words and so little time. but i am still pushing! i am applying to 3 schools for the 2011 school year. Towson University, George Washington University, and Anne Arrundal University. I already applied to Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk VA and I have an interview set up for August 23rd at 8:00am. I am really looking forward to it, but deciding on whether I want to go there or not is whole other day in blogging!! that day will come. promise. my CASPA application for applying to PA school is pretty much complete. Aaron is just finishing looking at my essay and then i will be submitting it! :) I am so excited && i really hope i get into school. i am ready to finish my education and get on with having an enjoyable career. one that has been my dream ever since i could remember. it is in God's hands and i am learning daily to rely on him more!

my love life is phenomenal. i am so in love with Nicholas Ryan Yannitello. i can't believe i have found the man of my dreams. it's crazy how you once thought you were in love with the right person and when you figure out that that person is not mr. right it can be frustrating cause you think that mr. right may never come along. && then POW! there he is, out of the blue, the most amazing guy in the world. and really you know that saying, "When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with a person, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." that is the most true statement. i wish forever started tomorrow with him. patience. truly a tough way of learning it.

blogging one down, millions to go!

love, ash.