i am so happy that i have an interview with EVMS for PA school in august, BUT what if i get in? do i go? .. i am so in love with my boyfriend and would marry him tomorrow. and i am not the only one that thinks this, but do i want to leave him for 2 years && never see him? our schedules will be so different. he works weekends. i would have weekends off. && even when he would come visit i would never see him because i would be in class and studying. i just keep dwelling over this && it isn't even here yet. i wish i would stop worrying about it. don't get me wrong my career is very important to me, but so is love. and sure love could be there in the end && i guess the hard journey to get through school && be in a relationship at the same time makes reaching that accomplishment so much more worth it. but, i don't want to hurt the people i love. i don't want going to school to be any more difficult than it is already. i need to learn to rely on the Lord. He is my strength. He will get me through this. Psalm 28:7.