beautiful people

so this afternoon i was driving back from picking up dinner & i noticed this homeless man on the side of the road. he was sitting in the same park bench that he sits everyday for hours and hours -- he probably even sleeps there. he is usually wearing the same red pants & grungy grey t-shirt. he is scruffy & very dirty looking // but to my amazement he is always smiling. he is surrounded by trash bags full of who knows what. i always get the itch to stop & give him food, or even just say hi. i feel a little hello will probably make his day. i feel for him, because even though he is smiling he so heart broken. there is nothing that he can do about the pain or suffering that he goes through. seeing this homeless man daily helps put my life in prospective. i am so fortunate & blessed for what God has given me. i need nothing. i should want nothing. i should thank God daily for what i have been given because without Him i would not be where i am today. my goal is learn to be more grateful for the Life i have been given & thank God for everything // my sight, hearing, being able to talk, walk, for my good health, ny wonderful family, boyfriend, & my friends who love me.

i am going to stop & say hi to that man. i promise.

this video is so lovely. it makes me smile from ear to ear. listen & enjoy.

is there anything that you take for granted? or need to be more grateful for?