fill in the blank friday :]

It's Friday :] I kinda have a love-hate relationship with Friday's because first of all they are such long days for me because I typically start my day off with 3 to 4 hours of sleep because I have an exam at 8am, then I have class from 10-12am, and another class from 1-3pm. It just seems like it takes forever when all I really want to do is take a nap -- which is what I am about to do :] YAY! But here is my Fill in the Blank Friday, which I love doing. You can link up with The Little Things We Do! Enjoy!

Credit: Pinterest :]
1. The Last Movie I saw -- was The Hangover II in theaters. I did not like it AT ALL. So poorly written & they put no creativity into it -- it was just like the first one. Also, I thought it was a little too perverted for my liking.

2. I want to -- take a nap really really really bad oh & eat some guacamole!

3. Surprises are -- well i {love} surprises, but i truly dislike it when i know what the surprise is. it is suppose to be a surprise, that's why it's called a "surprise". haha but my only problem is i tend to figure out the surprise, just because i pick up on clues that that person wouldnt' normally do, so sometimes i ruin my own surprises :]

4. The best accessory is -- i {love} earrings! they are so fun & i am always looking for cute earrings, whether their dangles or studs. i love them because they can really compliment an outfit.

5. My favorite warm drink is -- a skinny extra caramel caramel macchiato from starbucks :] mmmhmmm so yummy. i {love} fall/winter when it is actually enjoyable to drink a warm drink.

6. My favorite cold drink is -- diet dr. pepper. yum.

7. currently loving -- essie nail polish :] & carolina cupcakery -- i have midnight cravings! {bad} i know.

happy friday everyone :]