forecast for today: rain

7am this morning i woke up to the sound of the rain pitter-pattering on my porch. you could hear the wind blowing slightly and the silent but peaceful drops of water that came down out of the grayish cloudy sky. it made me want to hit my snooze button one more time & enjoy the silence while i laid there just a little bit longer. i did hit the snooze button then suddenly realized it was monday + i had class at 9am. 

rainy days are lazy days to me -- all i want to do is sit around in my pajamas, read a good book, watch lifetime re-runs & of course take naps that do not require an alarm :] {naps on a rainy day are the absolute best} -- these days for me naps without alarms + snooze buttons are few & far between, but i can always {wish} that i could enjoy the rain.

rain comes in so many different forms. sunshine rain, rainbow rain, sprinkle rain, thunderstorm rain, drizzle rain, cats+dogs rain, night time rain, +  run-in-puddles-barefoot rain. each rainy day has it's perks -- some are better for naps, while others are better for crafting, reading a book, or watching movies. what's your favorite kind of rainy day? 

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to some people, rain is not enjoyable. it can bring frustration, especially if the plans for the day are suppose to be held outside -- such as a party, a wedding, going to the beach or an amusement park. but according to the Bible, we must appreciate & be joyful of the rain -- 

Acts 14:17 {Nevertheless he left not himself without witness, in that he did good, and gave us rain from heaven, and fruitful seasons, filling our hearts with food and gladness.}
we need to learn to be thankful for rain, not just only when it is convenient for us, because with the rain brings the food you eat, it washes away pollen during the spring time, it feeds your plants, & it even helps wash your car when you don't have time to clean it :]

i {love} playing in the rain, especially when i was a little kid. my mom would never let me go outside & play in the rain when it was thundering, so i always hoped that it wouldn't. these pictures remind me of how much joy i got from playing in the rain. it brings back childhood memories of running barefoot -- {in my pretty dress with a bow in my hair} -- through the rain puddles, splashing as hard as i could. i would finally start shivering & run to the front door begging my mom for a towel, & she would always say, "are you sure you want to come inside just yet, because once you come inside there will be no more playing in the rain today." i would always insist that it was time for me to come in, but sure enough as soon as i came inside and got warm i wanted to go back outside. you're probably wondering if i was allowed too. ha sadly the answer was no :]

for me rain is a {blessing} in disguise. it helps calm me, especially when i am stressed. it helps me relax & notice the small subtle things that i do not normally pay attention too because i am so wrapped up in every day life. 

it let's me get wet for no reason while i am walking to class, leaving the grocery store, running outside to get the mail and walking the dog.
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rain lets you wear rain boots {crazy looking shoes that you ONLY get to wear when it's raining}

it let's you be romantic. 
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& hopefully by the time i am old & grey i will have learned that my life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, but that it's about learning to dance in the rain. life always has it's struggles, but God didn't put them in front of you so that you couldn't get through them. He put these obstacles in front of you so you could grow & because He knew that you would get through them -- you would learn to take the storm & turn it into to rain, & dance right through it even if you didn't have an umbrella to protect you.

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i hope everyone enjoyed their monday -- whether it was rain, sunshine, snow, or the blistering heat {which i am really not a fan of, unless im at the beach}. appreciate what you are given :]

xo. ashlyn