my weekend skinny (one)

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. My weekend sure did fly by way too quick for my liking, but I must say it ended up being relaxing for the most part – including traveling up to Northern Virginia {NOVA} to spend time with my boyfriend Nick, as well as celebrating my little brother Andrew’s 21st birthday with the family :] I was able to take some pictures throughout the weekend, which I am really excited about because I usually either A. forget my camera B the batteries die or C. I just forget to bring it out! So I am trying extra hard to start using my camera, so that I can start capturing my life in pictures! 

My weekend started off once I got out of class on Friday around 3pm -- I took a quick nap & got on the road around 4:30 to drive up to NOVA :] I made pretty good timing -- usually it takes me about 3 hours, but on a Friday it can take {forever} -- especially getting through the Hampton roads bridge tunnel to even get out of town! It ended up taking me about 3.5 hours, which I kinda happy about. The weather ended up being beautiful, so I was pretty excited about that because I {love} driving with the windows down listening to my ipod -- it’s kinda my ‘me’ time that I get to have :] Once I got to NOVA I got greeted by my rambunctious puppy Rufus & my ever-so-loving boyfriend! It was nice to finally get there & be able to relax. {honestly all I wanted to do was lay my head on a pillow & sleep} BUT that didn’t get to happen. We drove over to Glory Days which is a restaurant I use to work at. It’s a family bar & grille, but I {love} their food, especially their cheese fries {yummmm}! After dinner, we headed back to the house to catch up on our weekly shows -- So You Think You Can Dance & Friday Night Lights :] The rest of the night was relaxing & it was nice to be able to snuggle up with Nick! Right before I went to bed I noticed a little sleeve of four-leaf clovers that Nick had been gathering for me :] He saved them for me so that they wouldn’t dry up -- it was a cute surprise!

Saturday morning came too soon -- and unfortunately Nick works on the weekends so we only get to spend our evenings together :[ But I spent the afternoon searching for my brother Andrew’s birthday present, I know I waited to the last minute-- life get’s crazy sometimes! but I finally found a nice pair of black faded jeans at Macy’s that I knew he would love :] I headed home & finally got to spend some time with Rufus.

He enjoys posing for the camera :]

& he enjoys getting into mischief – & eating sandals as well!

This is Rufus's whale that use to have things attached to it. He has slowly destroyed it, but it is still his favorite toy to play with. He treats it like it's a ball too -- so you can play fetch with it :]

I ended up taking a nap with Rufus in bed -- he was just a good boy, he didn’t move at all for an hour :] which made me really happy because I actually got to take a nap without disturbance! After my nap I started making dinner, which is a rarity, haha. {I never make dinner when I am visiting} I ended up making baja citrus chicken, baked potatoes, and steamed snap green beans along with apple pie & ice creams for dessert :] 

When Nick got home from work he surprised me with a beautiful Orchid {loveloveLOVE}

The rest of the night we relaxed & watched TV since the next morning I was leaving to head home to spend the day with my family :]

Sunday morning -- I saw my goodbyes, play with Rufus a little bit & head home to see my family, as well as get a little bit of studying done! When I got to the house I was greeted by what my mom calls “the holiday-event table” -- aka the dining table that gets decorated for every known holiday or special event known :]

These are two of my families animals who are enjoying their Sunday afternoon napping {which I wish I could have done} -- alfie, whom I call “fat cat.” he is extremely lazy & he loves to sleep inside of things, such as boxes or baskets. if you can’t find him -- look there! We also have another cat named Abby, she is actually alfie’s mommy, but she is petite and extremely tiny, but I couldn’t find her! & Gracie is my parents new puppy -- she is a Boykin Spaniel. I {love} her to pieces. She is absolutely the sweetest puppy EVER. She is so loving -- i am constantly trying to steal her from my parents haha

I spend the afternoon studying & then we headed up to The Pub where we had dinner & celebrated my little brother’s 21st birthday – with his first “legal” beer purchased by my parents! Here are some pictures from the night :]

Andrew’s birthday dinner was really fun & I am really glad that my whole family finally got to spend my quality time together. Sometimes life gets so crazy busy that you end up never having that special time that you use to have growing up as a kid, especially with all of us being in different stages of our lives. The night ended with Andrew getting a little tipsy & me heading back to my apartment to unpack & study for my pharmacology exam that I have on Tuesday! 

I hope everyone enjoyed my weekend in pictures – I am glad that I got to capture these moments & share them everyone! What did everyone do this weekend?