some of my daily favorites -- ATM

i am constantly changing my mind on the kinds of things i love using or eating so i decided to share some of my favorites -- hence ATM. since they change on a regular basis ha. you can link up if you want too at the bottom of the page :]

{hair stuff}

1. Cibu Sashani Thermal Shine Solution -- I use this product every morning. I spray it into my hair right after I get out of the shower & before I blow dry it. It doesn't make my hair oily or greasy. Oh & it smells good, which is always nice :]  -- You can by it at most any Bubbles Salon or Hair Cuttery, as well as order it online for $21 :]

2. Paul Mitchell Style Hair Straightener -- I have been using Paul Mitchell hair straighteners for years! They work wonders. You can straighten or curl your hair with it :] I use to buy mine wholesale from my hair stylist, but then I just started doing my own research online & you can buy them anywhere online & for a much much cheaper price. 

{body & makeup}

3.  Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion with Soy Protein, Vitamin E, and Jojoba -- Yes, this is a men's company but my boyfriend Nick got me hooked on it when we started dating. Now I have my very own bottle that I use multiple times through out the day. I love the way it smells & the way it rubs in -- it is not greasy at all. {i actually need a new bottle} -- You can get it at Ulta or Nordstrom, or even get it online. A bottle runs about $25.

4. Aqua DiGio Perfume -- I have always loved the smell of the men's Aqua DiGio & was super excited when they decided to finally come out with a women's fragrance. The smell is so clean & crisp & perfect for any time of year, especially spring & summer! You buy that tons of different department stores & online -- Price runs about $60-$70.

5.  Coralista by Benefit --  I first bought this last summer because I was looking for a summery-chick look without all the bronze. This was definitely what I was looking for! I use it practically everyday -- no matter the occasion. Sometimes I where it with my normal going out makeup -- or sometimes I just put some on my cheeks and head out the door! It is definitely a must -- especially since it is summer! :] You can buy it online at their website for $28, as well as Sephora & Ulta :]
6. Jack Black Lip Balm -- Ok I don't even know where to begin -- THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!! -- ok I think you get the point. I first started using this because my now-boyfriend was using it on a regular basis {which I def thought was weird -- in a way, because he {always} had lip-balm in his pocket & on his night stand} Until one day he surprised me by putting my own lemon lip balm on my pillow one night :] I have been using it ever since. They have so many different flavors & they tend to come out with new ones all the time! My favorites at the moment at #1 Lemon & Chamomile #2 Grapefruit & Ginger & #3 Blacktea & Blackberry.  You can buy them online individually for $7.50 or buy the whole pack of six for $30. You can also get them at Nordstrom & Ulta. 

7. Lancome's Hypnose Drama Mascara -- This mascara is {amazing} -- it works wonders! I try not to ever leave the house without my mascara on {it's actually almost a necessity, ha} But I have tried so many types of mascara but this is my favorite! I normally wait to buy my mascara when Lancome is having a free gift :] because it makes spending the $25 on it that must more acceptable! :]


7. Essie Grow Stronger -- Just in the past year or so I have really started painting my own nails more often, instead of going to a salon to get it done {even though it is nice to get pampered}. But I recenetly purchased Grow Stronger fell in {love}.  It is a shear pink color, so you can actually wear it by itself without adding any other nail polish color -- or you can even add another color on top! Essie cost about $8 for any bottle -- but it use to be only carried at Ulta, but now Essie is being carried in Walmart, Walgreens, Target, CVS, Rite-Aid -- & their prices are a tad bit cheaper, like .25 cents haha. But I normally buy my nail polish at Ulta when they have the Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale & then normally they have a $3.50 off coupon for any $10 purchase -- which knocks the price of the nail polish wayyy down!

8. Cantelope -- This is one of my favorite Essie colors of {allll} time, but it doesn't look like they make it anymore sadly. But I still wear it on a regular basis -- so when I run out I am going to be pretty devastated :[

9. Absolutely Shore --  This color is a newer color that recently came out. It is a light green color -- it is not shear at all. Love it for the summer time! :]

10. Fiji -- This color is another one of my favorites & you can wear it year round! It's more a flat light pink -- not really shear at all. Perfect for your nails! :] 

11. Turquoise & Caicos -- This aqua color is {perfect} for summer. I see so many people wearing it! I am actually wearing it on my toes right this moment :] 

{writing + doodling}

12.  Paper Mate Flair --  This pens are so fun! I love taking notes with them & using them to write in my planner. You can buy them at any office max/home depot where they will be about $13-$15, but I recommend buying them at Walmart, Target, or even off Amazon or Ebay -- must cheaper!

{eats & drinks}

14. Nature Valley Dark Chocolate Granola Thins -- Ok, so you{must} try these. I am not sure if they are sold in normal stores or not because I buy them at Costco. But man-oh-man are they yuummmmyyy! Perk: They are even healthy for you -- only 80 Calories per square & all natural! :]

15. Diet Dr. Pepper -- It is an obsession. that is all.  
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xo. ashlyn