what's in your summer beach bag?

It's What's In Your {Bag} Wednesday & this week is what's in your beach bag! i am testing out this idea of doing a link up on wednesday's atleast for the month of july. i am really excited about it. the last few weeks have been kinda crazy, and specially the last couple nights i really haven't had much time to put into doing exactly what i wanted to do for this link-up. i wanted to take pictures of my own stuff, load it on polyvore or picnik & show everyone what exactly is in my bag -- but that didn't happen. so i just used polyvore to show you what i would include in my {beach bag} if i were going to the beach -- which i hope to be doing this 3 day weekend. WHOOO! soooo unbelievably excited & looking forward to a weekend of nothing, followed by a week of no exams/quizzes/or practicals! even a bigger WHOOOOO! :] but i hope some of yall find the time to link up. i will leave it open throughout the weekend! looking forward to seeing ya'lls bags!

my summer beach bag