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hey hit it nail right on the head. when i came across this article on
INDEPENDENT FASHION LOGGERS i knew i had to share it with all my lovely readers. 

do you ever feel that you rush through peoples blogs, not even intentionally? or maybe you just feel like you don't have enough time to read them all. where read this article. its {perfect}


My Google Reader and I, we have a funny and sometimes fickle relationship. I go through phases where I love the people behind the blogs I read, but I find myself… uninspired by them. Skimming quickly through the comments. Half absorbing the content before moving on to the next post. Maybe you have a similar relationship with your Google Reader or BlogLovin’ (or whichever tool you use to keep track of blogs)?

It breaks down my relationship with blogging and the community to have this sort of relationship with my Google Reader.  So while I’m looking to rekindle my romance with other blogs (soft candle light, a bottle of wine, and maybe some slow jazz, anyone?), I thought I’d share 4 tips that have worked for me in the past.

  • Slow down and READ your content. If you’re like me and get to the point of skimming your reader for content and are left feeling uninspired, slow down and read those posts. Participate in The Comment Challenge– I found it greatly change my perception of what I was reading!  When I set a goal for myself to comment more, I became more engaged with what I was reading, slowed down my reading, and allowed myself to process it the information.  In general, I find we go through our lives so fast, trying to fit it all in, that we often leave ourselves unfulfilled because we don’t take time to enjoy what we’re doing.  Enjoy reading other blogs! Make your blog reader a place to pop in and relax, be inspired and find beauty, ideas, and excitement.
  • Go through your blogs and figure out which ones excite you, leaving you anxious new content. Got a few that you just can’t, for the life of you, place who writes it? If I can’t figure out who the writer is from the blog title, than it gets cut from my Google Reader.  If their voice & site haven’t made an impression on me, one where I can immediately recognize when they post, than it’s time to cut them.
  • Purge your reader. That’s right! Grechen wrote about why she stopped reading fashion blogs– and deleted them all from her google reader. Those that she missed? She eventually added back.  I’ve found when I go through a mini-blog purge… that I often don’t miss a lot of the blogs I read.  And I’m getting ready to make the move and do a huge purge.
  • Diversify your reading. The posts and blogs that leave me most eager to read them aren’t always fashion blogs. They’re great food blogs (like Budget Bytes), animal sites (like Zooborns and the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee), or hysterical lifestyle blogs (like The Bloggess).  This is a reminder that just because we chose to become fashion bloggers doesn’t mean that’s our only interest.  You’ll stay inspired, motivated, and energized if you’re feeding all of your loves and interests, side by side.

What tips do you have for keeping the spark alive with your Google Reader (or Blog Lovin’)?

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