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monday! monday! monday!

today is an exciting monday for me because i did my first official blog swap with Suzzie over at SVSmiles. i truly adore Suzzie's blog & was honored when she asked me to be a guest blogger! :]  I hope you enjoy learning a little bit about Suzzie!

i also hosted my 1st giveaway this week & am proud to announce that the winner is Kristen ;] from
mrs. t, naturally --  congratulations lovely! -- email me!

This is my first official blog swap and I am so excited because Ashlyn rocks and I can't think of anyone better to be doing this with! My name is Suzzie and I write a lifestlye/health blog here.

My husband and I

I write about health because of my husband.  He is studying health in school, which means I get learn all about it too. I have been astonished at what I have learned. Did you know that 95% of cancer and heart disease - 2  leading causes of death in the US can be prevented with diet and exercise!  This has made me look at what I eat completely differently and makes me want to make some changes in my lifestyle.

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The thing is I grew up hating fruits and veggies. eating healthy does not come easily to me. Proof: my Dad once offered to pay me $100 dollars, when I was a poor college student-and had no money to spend at all, to eat a banana, and I wouldn't do it. Pathetic right? I know. But here's the thing, now that I know that what I eat can put me at risk, and what I will someday feed my kids will put them at risk, I want to change my unhealthy habits now. It's a matter of protecting my family. And I am inviting everyone to do it with me!

We are having our first link party this Friday. I am inviting everyone to come get healthy together! The party will be about setting health resolutions, realistic ones, ones that we can work on, and make part of our  lives forever. Resolutions that will protect us and our families from the pain and uncertainty of chronic diseases. Join me, and let's get healthy!

If you want to learn more about health, I recommend checking out what those smart people at Harvard say over here

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