{FF} // turquoise+blue hues.

i have been staring at this outfit on pinterest for weeks & secretly i have been searching for this skirt that she has on. but unfortunately that has not been possible. it was even hard to find this colored skirt period, especially one that i actually liked! but anywho, these colors are amazing. so vibrant. perfect contrast. & you could add any colors to help accent the outfit. {brown, black yellow, pink, green, orange -- list could go on}. when i started putting this outfit together, i really didn't know what accessories i was going to add to it. then all these ideas came to my mind & {WALAH} -- you have my turquoise+blue creation. i {adore} the sandals i found & the bag is fabulous. the eccentric blue is so different, i mean seriously how many times have you seen someone walk around with a bag that color? um, i haven't. EVER. lol  but since i can't find this outfit for realz, i will have to live my friday vicariously through my friday fancy outfit! but if you want to join in on the fun, head over to long distance loving & check out all the other amazing outfits -- & just maybe it might inspire you to tag along! OH & while you are over there go ahead & 'like' my outfit ;] -- if you are feeling oh so nice! i mean it is friday, so you have to be a loving, caring, giving mood :] hehe. 

be true to who you are blue & navy

enjoy your friday my little sunshines.
xoxo. ashlyn