fill in the blank friday //

it is time for fill in the blank friday with the little things we do :] YAY! 

1.   My favorite color is  purple ATM. anything purple i {love}. but is it weird that i change my favorite color all the time? it sometimes depend on the season, my mood, or just because i feel like it. lol

2.  My travel destination of choice is well, i think for me this question should be changed to my DREAM travel destination of choice, bc i haven't really traveled much of anywhere. but i am dying to go to Punta Cana -- that place is gorgeous & romantic. & i would {die} to go to Australia. but that is more honey moon status {one day!}
Punta Cana via best-beaches
Punta Cana via best-beaches
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3.  My favorite  food is  cheese. cheese can go on everything. well not everything. but it is def something i could eat daily. so yum.

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4.  My happy place is   my bed. cuddled up, watching lifetime, without a care in the world. now yes, i sleep in this happy place all the time, but it is not the same just being able to relax  in this happy place :] -- i can't wait to be able to fully enjoy this in a few weeks on my one week off that i get before my next semester starts :[

5.  My favorite saying is     

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"feel free to shine on, even if everyone around you is having a rainy day." -- Mastin Kipp {the daily love}

so this saying isn't anything old or written by a famous poet or writer {even though i have another shine on inspiration which in in the picture below}. it is written by a man who inspires me daily with his writing on The Daily Love. this uplifts me daily. bc there are so many days where i let people or the world around me affect my mood or attitude. but when i read this, i smile, & realize that i have the ability to SHINE even without all the negative nancies in the world :] 

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oh & just to throw this in here. i {want} this tattoo. so amazing.

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6.  My dirty little secret is  well, this is a little personal, BUT i bite my toenails sometimes :x -- yeah i probably wished i did not share that with yall. judge how you want, i was just answering the question :] -- oh and i KNOW you are thinking EWW. freak! haha

7.  Something friends might say about me is that I  do not relax enough. which is true. i have a hard time relaxing. i am always uptight about something, not because i want to be, but because i am programmed that way. learning how to relax & enjoying it is something that i work on daily! it is a work in progress :]


i hope everyone has a rocking weekend! :] 
i know i am!!!
my amazing boyfriend gets in tonight & since his birthday is on monday.
i have a day filled of fun & surprises tomorrow.
{since i have school on monday, saturday will have to do!}
this is what i sent him  in an email to give him hints of our day --

i hope you all have a rockin' weekend :]
ill be sure to fill everyone of the weekend festivities!!!
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