friday fancies | {little white dress}

friday finally made it! this week was so looong. i felt like it was never going to end. anywho, so glad it's the weekend, but i only have 4 weeks left of school so it's {crunch} time. i will be spending my weekend up in northern virginia & while Nick is at work i will be graciously trying to not procrastinate & get a lot of studying done. i have 2 exams next week & a practical. but i {love} august -- it is my favorite month. why? because its my birthday month!!! :] i will be the big 24. downside, my birthday is sunday august 14th, the day before my finals start {pooo}. so i have decided to move my birthday to the 21st, or maybe ill even move it to when i am in vegas so that it can be a {real} parrrtayyy! hehe so there is alot to look forward to in the next month. {1} nicks birthday, which i am currently planning! {2} my birthday {3} end of my 2nd semester of PA school & {4} VEGAS!!! now as for today, i linked up with {long distance loving} for this friday fancies, which is {little white dress}. enjoy my outfit. &enjoy your friday!  

little white dress