i can & i will.

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i am so overwhelmed & stressed beyond belief. i am currently taking a pharmacology exam as we speak & hope that all my hard work will pay off. i have 3 weeks left of classes before my week of finals that is full of back to back exams, which start the day after my birthday. i feel like i have so much to do & so little time to get it done. i want these next three weeks to fly by -- gracefully. i want to know what i need to know & ace my tests. finals weeks is ridiculously hard & anxiety is already setting in. but these words "i can & i will" are standing ground in my mind. "i can & i will" get through these next few weeks because i am capable of doing great. "i can & i will" finish strong & celebrate the completion of my second semester in less than four weeks. that day will be glorious
"i can & i will

my unrehearsed life
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