kisses. &goodbyes.

so sorry that i have been slacking on my posting's especially my link-up that i started last week. i didn't think it was going to be that easy to fall behind with, but when you have an extra long weekend, followed by an extra few days with a special someone -- you kinda lose track of time! oops.

but, this evening i had to say goodbye to my boyfriend & my puppy Rufus. i really hate goodbyes. some days they are harder then others, & tonight was one of those nights. i cried the whole way home {like a little baby} after Nick left. i really don't like that feeling of emptiness or thinking of the quietness i am going to have to experience for the rest of the evening + week. he knows me so well & even when i am having a bad day he puts a smile on my face. & even when i am extreme grumpy pants he puts up with me & still makes me smile. i seriously have no idea how he puts up with me & my mess. {im a mess. haha} i sometimes take for granted the time we do get to spend together, until it's too late & the day that he has to leave or i heave to leave is finally here. typically the evening prior to him leaving i get sad & quiet. & i will tear up over the smallest things. even if it's just hearing him say "hello lovely" in the morning in his quirky little nicholas voice. or grabbing my butt in obnoxious ways in public even tho i {despise} it. or him asking me what he should wear when we go out even tho he is going to wear what he wants to {most of the time}. or the little "i love you's" & kissy sounds he makes before we go to sleep. the moment you realize your time is up is when you get that kiss. the extraspecialcan'tgetenoughwantmoresmoochieskiss. yeah that's when i know it's the real goodbye. 

the next seven days are going to be long ones & i am not looking forward to them at all. but here is to me learning to appreciate all the little things even when he is far away.

learn to love the little things.
appreciate the insignificant things.
& smile with the tears fall //
because goodbyes
are just "see you laters."

pinterest has help facilitate my joy for goodbye kisses. here so some that made me smile/tear 

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kisses. &goodbyes.
they can be happy times too.
what are they to you?

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