airport chickadees.

ashley mieux over the shine project is one amazing woman.
she is just an lovely lady. she is doing a link-up today on your closest friendships. after i read her post about her closest friendship, which is between her & her little sister, my best friend came to mind. & then went she said she was going to to a link-up for us to share our closest friendships i immediately started writing.
here is the story of how i met my best friend in an airport. 

it all began in an airport. july. two years ago.
my younger brother andrew & i were in the Norfolk airport waiting to catch our flight to El Salvador. andrew was thirsty so he went to buy a water, but instead of getting a cup of water {which was critical because we only had $15 to share for the rest of the day} he bought a bottle water for $5 {not good}. so i kindly told him to take it back & get a cup of water. surprisingly enough the starbucks cashier was not exactly nice & kept forgetting to open the cash register, & to my rescue came Trista, my now best friend.

for the rest of the time that we waited in the airport we talked & conversed about stuff that i usually don't talk to people about {especially when i first meet someone}. it included everything from past relationships to our faith. i learned that she had just moved there from Connecticut & was a newlywed to a navy seal {whom was gone all the time}. we exchange names & numbers & agreed that we would get together when we both got back into town. we both boarded the plan & off to El Salvador i went & she went to Key West to meet up with her husband.

our week goes by & i arrive back in the states. & the most annoying thing happened while i was out of the country -- my phone decided to delete all the contacts {ironic}. i spent the rest of the time in the airport talking with my brother trying to recall her name so that i could find her on fb {bc i REALLY wanted to hang out with her again}. i got home & logged onto fb & she had already friend requested me on fb!!! i was super excited & honestly i really wasn't expecting her to get in contact with me. but within the next few days we met up at the beach, drank some cocktails, i got my nose pierced & i met her husband {all in the same dayyy! -- weird i know} lol.

people thought we were crazy. i mean who meets someone in an airport & become friends, & i mean close friends within moments?! so close that two weeks later she is introducing me to a navy seal & then she travels with me to Charleston, SC for my 22nd birthday. 

we spent the week in the city. she helped me celebrate my 22nd birthday :] -- she took me out to dinner & made me feel special. it was such a wonderful feeling because i have never really had a friend who wanted to do something nice for me, just because they wanted to. we spend the days shopping & laying out at the beach. & i even pooped in the ocean {yes i said that right} -- we laughed for hours. we learned so much about each other that week, & she didn't judge me once & i didn't judge her.

yeah so i pooped in the ocean & we labeled the album on fb "fish poop in the ocean too." it will forever be an inside joke :]

we left SC & while on our 8 hour trip home we talked about anything & everything. that was the moment i knew she was going to become one of my best friends. & honestly the rest is history because we are still the bestest & greatest of friends. 

our friendship is so special that words don't do it justice.
i can't even explain the impact she has had on my life in the two years that i have known her. she is an amazing woman of God & she is always pushing me to lean on Christ more during hard times. she tells it just like it is -- the good & the bad. she is such an uplifting & encouraging person. she tells me how proud she if of me for who i have become -- & how i have grown since i have met her. she even lets you know that she isn't happy with what i've said/didn't say or did/didn't do. she speaks in kind words. she listens better than any person i know. & she gives the bestest advice a girl could ask for. she is my shoulder to cry on. & honestly, one of the strongest woman i know -- for uncountable reasons. 
our friendship is unique. 
& i don't know what i would do with out it.
she is my TL, chickadee, best friend.
i love you trista :] 

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