boyfriend.bday.weekend {recap}

i can't believe it is already thursday august 4th?! -- where has time gone, for real!? my boyfriends was this past monday august 1st, but since i had a huge exam on tuesday i started planning a special day for him ahead of time, so that we could actually enjoy it! so saturday was the {big} day! 

in recap -- i searched for a homemade recipe to bake nick a carrot cake {success}, ordered him a new Nicklas Backstrom Washington Capitals hockey jersey {success}, surprise afternoon of kayaking & relaxing {success}, planned a small surprise get together with a couple friends that i have never met & Nick hasn't seen in a couple years {success}, & attempt to play putt-putt {fail, because we never exactly made it there, ha} -- oh & enjoy our time together {greatttt-success}!

before nick got here on friday night, i spent hours slaving in the kitchen making him a carrot cake, from SCRATCH. so yes, i shaved 2 cups of carrots. ha but it was worth all the pain! :] here a couple pictures. i did not post all of them, even though my mom took pictures as i made the cake, but i will probably post the recipe & everything a little later :]

 the final product :]

saturday we slept in -- late! :] it was marvelous. & normally i am the one that has everything planned. well i mean i still had everything planned,  but i turned off the alarm & we finally mozied our way out of bed around 11:30 :] -- we left my apartment, grabbed a wawa sandwich on the way & drove to my parents friend's house where they own 10 kayaks, boats, jet ski's, -- {everything} you name it! nick was excited when i told him we were going kayaking :] -- it was def. a relaxing afternoon. & it was perfect that i didn't have to pay to go some place to use them, because then we would have had a ton of rules & we wouldn't have been able to do what we wanted & stay out on the water as long as we wanted!

being kids & swinging our lives away :] {well nick tried to pretend he wasn't swinging, ha}

his goofy-self taking  a picture of his feet. not sure what i am going to do with him. lol

after our kayaking adventure, we headed home to change & get ready for dinner at a place called Rudee's Inlet. we were meeting friends at 7 {nick didn't know} :] -- we hung out for hours, relaxed, drank some yummy drinks {hint. why we never made it to putt putt}, & caught up with old friends {& my best friend came too}. sorry i didn't get to take as many pictures as i would have liked to take, but atleast i got the ones i did!

my best friend trista :] -- she is my soul-mate {p.s. i have a wonderful story talking about our friendship coming on friday -- just a hint about how great a story it is -- we met in an airport}

 it was a fantastic weekend that went by WAY too fast. 
hope everyone is looking forward to this weekend coming up.
are ya'll doing anything fun this weekend? any plans?

xoxo. ashlyn

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