fall into autumn with me //

mentally, physically, emotionally, desperately -- & so {completely} ready for fall weather. but honestly that doesn't even give my {need} for fall weather justice. i didn't fully understand how badly i wanted fall weather until i created a pinterest board labeled autumn + winter chills. & then this morning when all i wanted to wear to class were leggings + an hoodie + one of my scarfs {that i look at daily} + my uggs that are stuffed away in my closest did i officially say to myself "i need fall NOW." -- & i truly can't wear any of these things atm because it is  about 90 degrees outside & i would die on my way to class, let alone get alot of unfriendly judgmental looks on my way there! ha but i am super excited to share my {love} for fall/winter weather through my pinteresting pictures + why this time of year is my favorite. {i linked-up with the vintage apple}

i am literally cold year round  -- no matter what. it could be blazing hot outside & i can have goosebumps. ha 
but fall weather is unique + one of a kind.
& it truly is my favorite time of the year. 

when i think fall i think:
chilliness.the smell of burning wood. comfy socks. homemade soup. oversized scarfs. uggs. cuddling. early morning runs. 10 layers of blankets at night. brown+red+orange+yellow. boots. sweaters. sitting by the fireplace. leggings. pumpkin spice lattes. extra layers of clothes. no makeup. chilli + cornbread. pumpkins. hay rides. hot tea. winter coats. 

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xoxo. ashlyn