{FF} // viva las vegas

it's friday fancies time & i am linking up with {av} over at long distance loving, per the usual!! :] WOO HOO! i hope everyone has had an enjoyable week. mine has been super relaxing & i am sure very entertaining at this point {since i am writing this post on monday, way before my fun-filled week in vegas begins!}. i am not even sure this weeks fancies theme but i decided to live it up with an outfit that i could wear on my last night in vegas! i had sooo many ideas of what i wanted my outfit to be in vegas, especially on my last night out on the town & it seriously took my forever to decide! but this is what i came up with -- a simple black cocktail dress, with to-die for lace heels {which are wayyy out of my price range}; along with a simple clutch, filled with monayyyy {$$$$} & red-lip stick of course ;). i wish i could be wearing this outfit tonight, but i will enjoy what i have & keep this on my wish-list of future outfits to buy for vegas! :] -- i hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend! i will be starting school again for my 3rd semester on monday {yikes}, but i will be super happy to be able to get back in the groove & start posting more regularly for everyone! -- xoxo. ashlyn

viva las vegas

viva las vegas by loveeashlyn via {polyvore}