{FF} // when in doubt wear red

if you have been reading my blog lately, you would know that i am 100% ready for fall weather. i kinda went a little overboard in my oh-how-pinteresting wedneday post, where i posted {almost} everything under the sun that involved fall. ha oh well. anywho, this weeks Friday Fancies is the color red ... now red isn't exactly something you would find alot of if you looked in my closest but i wouldn't mind venturing out of my comfort zone & having this entire outfit that i put together in my closest for this up coming fall :]. since fall is a time of year where you can wear bright or neutral colors, i thought that pairing them up sounded even better! -- so i decided to do just that! i started searching for red skinnies {since i have been looking for them anyways} & found this classy & sophistacted, yet super trendy outfit & decided to hunt it all down. i really love how well this light brown shirt & red skinnies go together. & when you throw in the green bag it kinda spices up the outfit! it's perrrfect for a cool fall afternoon/evening. the neutral heels that i paired with it match the outfit that the girl is wearing, BUT you don't have to stick to just that. you can dress the outfit up with nicer heals or dress it down with brown boots. any way you decide to wear the outfit im sure will look fabulous! i hope everyone had a great week! -- next week i will be taking all my finals so i won't be posting very often, so i have guest posts lined up for the whole week! these ladies are amazing & i read their blogs on a daily basis :] i am so blessed that they are going to be helping me out, since i am going to be way too stressed to keep up! so make sure you head back over here next week to find out who they are! have a great friday. xoxo. ashlyn.