fill in the blank friday // birthday edition!

so it's friday everyone! WOOT WOOT! :] im goofy i know. but i am {super} excited that the fill in the blank friday theme over at the little things we do this week is birthdaysss bc mine is on SUNDAY!!!:]  so it fits perfectly! happy birthday to me, but bummer ill be studying allllll weekend long, bc of my finals next week. hopefully my parents will take me out to dinner tho! i always love birthday dinners! :] happy friday.

1.   My most favorite birthday was       my 16th birthday. it was an Hawaiian luau themed party. i had about 50 people over at my house. my mom made VIRGIN pina coladas & strawberry daiquiris. we played volleyball in the back yard & played with sparklers. but my birthday cake was the best part -- i wish i had a picture to show ya'll -- but it was a 3D cake, no joke. the cake looked like it had water and sand on it! i miss being young! lol

2.  My worst birthday was    no clue. i know i have some in there, especially during high school. those birthdays weren't so great because "birthday parties" weren't cool unless they involved things that my parents didn't allow. haha

3.  My favorite birthday memory is    last year for my 23rd birthday Nick through me a surprise party, but it wasn't just ANY surprise party. it started out the night before my birthday my best friend Holly drove down from NY & walked into my room at midnight singing happy birthday! then on my actual birthday, i knew we were going to dinner & then my best friend Trista showed up & she drove all the way from VA beach. On top of that, i had just spoken with my mom that morning & she was telling me that she was going to come spend the day with me in NOVA {which is 3 hour drive} -- but then when i told her holly was there she decided not too come. Well then Nick started planning & at like 3 in the afternoon he talked my parents/family into coming up, so they surprised me at dinner too. that was probably the best surprise ever {i bawled like a baby}!!!

4.  The best birthday present I've ever received was  well to be honest it is hard to pick my best birthday present because they are always so good. my mom does such a great job birthday shopping {i am already looking forward to my presents on sundayyy hehe}

5.  The  best birthday present I've ever given was     hmmmmm. no clue. that's bad isn't it? lol i mean this year i planned a birthday weekend for nick & surprised him with his new Nicklas Backstrom Jersey -- i guess that could be the best birthday gift i have ever given 

6.  Birthdays are      very special to me. i love celebrating them because they are such special days. they are "your" very own day to be important for no reason :] i also love getting presents! duh, who doesnt! 

7.  My favorite age so far has been       21. that was the best year ever. i was a senior in college. i was single for the first time EVER. i got to go on spring break for the first time ever. i lived on my own. i met my best friend Trista. i met nick :] i figured out who i was. great year!

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