gold card // here i come!

so i am not sure if ya'll have heard of the starbucks gold card?! -- which im sure you have. but i have {finally} decided to start working my way towards mine! i mean, i seriously should of started working towards it like 10 years ago, well maybe not that long ago. but you get the point. ha i usually have coffee atleast 2-3 days a week, so i would be way beyond the 30 drinks or stars {what they call it} point. i would even have myself a few dozen free drinks & pastries! how could i have been so silly & waited this long!!!?? but back to the point of my post -- if you don't know what a starbucks gold card is, i will enlighten you :]. they way it works is your purchase a giftcard & put atleast $5 on it, then you go & register it online. after that starbucks starts tracking your purchases & each one counts as a {star}. after 5 stars, you start getting free syrup {select ones} & free refills & after you get to 30 you tons of free things & free wi-fi. & after you reach the 30 stars, you get sent your own personalized card with your name on it! how cool is that?! -- well i think it is :] ha & after 15 {stars} from there on out, you get a free drink on them {any size, any number of shots, anyway you like it} // but i have a little bit of info for ya if you decide to go & start working your way towards a gold card or even if you already have one -- make sure that even when you are purchasing 2 or more drinks, to swipe your card separately so you get credit for ALL of them :] -- you earn more {stars} that way!!! so if you want to brighten your days {even your mondays} go & get yourself a gift card & start working towards that gold card! :] the perks are totally worth it! & you can keep track of what you are spending online, as well as if you lose your starbucks card they keep track of what you spend, so they will reimburse you {even a better perk}.  but i hope everyone has a lovely start to their week. i am starting my monday off with my weekly venti-lowfat-iced-coffee w. 1/2 white mocha // 1/2 coconut syrup {little ice} -- thanks to the best friend to introducing this delish combination! xoxo. ashlyn

images via {pinterest}