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tuesday is here & i am happy to introduce to you one of my sorority sisters, who has come to be one of my close friends here in these last few months -- chelsea & i didn't really hang out much in college, not because we didn't like each other, but because we really didn't know each other. but that didn't stop us from becoming friends after college & wishing we could hang out! {since she lives 1000s of miles away}. chelsea is probably one of the most beautiful, genuine, & down-to-earth girls i know -- she just makes you want to get to know her & become her best friend! she is an inspiration to me & i can't wait to get the chance to {finally} hang out with her in the future! :] but i hope that you enjoy getting to know a little bit about chelsea today & if you want to get to know her more head on over to her lovely blog!
Well, hello there to all you readers of My Unrehearsed Life! I'm Chelsea and you can find me over at Life is a Sunset.

I'm so happy to be over here posting for my dear friend Ashlyn today! I don't know about you guys but my life sure isn't perfect. While I always have the belief that this life is beautiful and we only live once, the truth is, the bad times still come and go. There are the unexpected twists in the road. Tough decisions that have to be made. Times of loss and struggle. We each have our own way of getting through these times and persevering.

I remember back when I was in college (sigh) I'd be sitting there at, oh 3AM staring at the white screen on my computer wondering where on Earth my ability to form words had gone! My mind would have become complete mush and my eyeballs felt like sandpaper at that point. So, what would I do? Get on Facebook, of course! I'd scan through, click on a couple things, then I'd start looking at pictures on there. Picture after picture of months before of me and the girls at the beach or the time we each dressed up as a different holiday for Halloween! Taking a minute {or fifteen} to step away from the paper I had been writing helped break things up a bit for me. It allowed me to re-center and re-focus and remember that this paper writing wouldn't last forever, despite what it seemed like at the time.

Now that I'm a bit older, those apparent "road blocks" are no longer caused by late night studying and paper writing. They're caused by "the real world" and all that comes with it. Whether we're dealing with the loss of a job, a grad school rejection letter, or the struggles of becoming a new mother, those real life issues hit us all and they usually hit hard.

It's in those moments that I've found myself turning to my old pictures. As I scan through, I go back in time to the sights and smells and sounds in those pictures. I remember the laughter and the excitement. The happiness. The joy. The memories.

I believe that's what memories and pictures are for. They tell the story of the journey of our life. They bring us back to what's most important -- truly living and loving those around us. Looking back at those memories and pictures puts a smile on my face time and time again. They're a reminder that the bad times come and they go but the memories we have from the good times will stay with us forever.

Do you find yourself browsing through old pictures during the trials of your life? Do they help re-center you as well? What else helps you through the hard times?

Thanks so much for reading, new friends! Feel free to come stop by my blog anytime and say hi :)

And thank you, Ashlyn for having me!! It's pretty cool to have you in some of those pictures that I look back on!

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